NATURAL WORLD A natural proeccess tha is not only logical but intuitive 15/08/20

DONT DELAY THE FUTURE The past remains a struggle for survival in a polluted environment 12/08/20

NZs SUCCESS HERALDED BY WHO NZ's success heralded WHO 11/08/20

GENERAL ELECTION 2020 The most importatnt vote of your life is the vote for your life! 08/08/20

BLUEPRINT OF CREATION Ten million and more infected people can recover from covid-19 05/08/20

SUPER PHENOMENON Linked to the symbolic image, citizens share a coherent organisation. 27/07/20

SPIRIT DANCE If you can paint a pretty heart, will it make you feel better? 19/07/20

NATIONAL SPIRAL Neo Conservatism (neo-con) is not really new 18/07/20

NZ Media Endanger Public Health; Glen Johnson - Al Jazeera 08/07/20

THE SPIRIT OF ENDURANCE; What we share that spans the boundaries05/07/20

THE POLITICALISATION OF COVID-19; War of the virtual world26/06/20

COVID-19 RECESSION; I can't be the only one trying to warn of the social consequences!20/06/20

WHAT RECESSION; Avoiding a Global Recession17/06/20

SOCIAL PRODUCTION; Re-establishment of the Market of the Future11/06/20

SOCIAL STRUCTURE; It's not the material economy itself; it is the social structure05/06/20

LEVEL 1 OR NOT; Lockdown is a moral decision contaminated by political opportunism29/05/20

FEATHERS OF THE NEST; Women's role in right wing political leadership25/05/20

THE MEANING OF LIFE; it simply reads, another one bites the dust13/05/20

ABSTRACT ENTITY; The Soul is replaced by an Abstract Entity27/04/20

MOVING FORWARD; We are all in this toghether15/04/20