Here's an attempt to sanction 'person of the year' by implementation of its objective relations conducive to the stable organisation of the population. The outcome of this objective relationship gives rise to positive or inspirational influence upon the population. Examples of this impact influence are demonstrated by such characters as Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela.

The impact upon society is not expected to be entirely objectivism as relationships under prolific organisation comprises of both negative and positive outcomes. However, the objective outcome is demonstrated by the emergence of stable and productive developments from enduring struggles of the population.

If we should depict a person of the year from objective relations we are compelled to consider the struggles of humanity resulting especially from the Syrian War. Over four million Syrians fled dire conditions and abject poverty in their homes to find refuge in neighbouring countries. Their plight witnessed political confrontation in the face of humanity. And the one individual who stood above the rest in the face of adversity is Angela Merkel. This is a true inspiration for having being practical in the fate of Syrian refugees.

The name speaks for herself; a shining beacon in the darkest hour of our time. The icon associates with images of principles, Peace and Humanity. To me, she is the person of the century.

Evolution on the other hand may conceive changes in characteristics of biological populations between formation of new and extinction of species. This change is reconstructed from the relationship between existing species and fossils. The relationship may project either negative (extinction) or positive (new species) impact on the population. Meantime it's difficult to define examples of positive or new species while at the same time we are witnessing species extinction in our modern times.

For example, modern influence in linear materialism and terrorism may specify the relationship in characteristics between new species and extinction.

If we should depict a person of the year from the Evolutionary process we may be forced to consider the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS as prominent candidate. Note carefully that the candidates above are not persons. They are best referred to as entities.

Angela Merkel

Following from the Evolutionary process and the relationship between the fossil and existing species, the outcome is a projected entity. We cannot identify the outcome a definite human being requiring a giant leap from the hypothesis.

As Evolution makes sense of its data in the past, it is not an objective human being in the past. It refers to some that has changed over time to conduce the existing species of man.

However the outcome remains true to the linear material as subjective. Therefore the outcome is a linear material person. And thus follow an individual who is influenced by this process is depicted an entity or an abstract image of what he/she represents.

Under this view, ISIS or Al Qaeda is not a person but an abstract entity embodied by the person as symbol.

This view however is contradicted by Donald Trump who was a subject of media populist propaganda until he has reached over 50 percent support rate of his premiership. Now the change in the process from subjective to objective, may also trace the elements from abstract entity to real objective human character.

Donald Trump

You see, Donald Trump did not change from an entity to objective being, it is the media propaganda of Trump that remains a social aspect making up the entity.

In this case, the Evolutionary process may be true to a social analysis of character leading to a quantified objective purpose in the outcome.

Donald Trump did not change from a linear material subjective entity to an objective being, rather our perception and belief change with the time of his reign. It is absurd though should he win the person of year for both subjective entity and objective being at the same time. It is the objective being that is true to reality and not the abstract image of the fossil.

That is why Angela Merkel is a clear winner for she had been real and practical in the total achievement of objective outcome from start to finish.

What does that say about Evolution! The notable changes in time are when human is a subjective entity. However, the subjective entity is not of human but rather our won popular belief. We have replaced the real character with the abstract image to assume reality.

And this belief in the modern seeks to attract an audience. And to draw an audience the image is animated with aspects of boldness, bullish and sexy. The ploy is applied to attract our senses and hence the vote in election campaigns.

Our normal appeal to issues of humanity no longer draws an audience. The issues of humanity are now considered plain boring loses appeal and support.

And there is evidence of popular media propaganda in the promotion of bad behaviour while at the same time discouraging humanity. And thus the true to the media 'person of the year' symbolises boldness, bullish and sexy. This is the usual line given to ma material economic promotions.

While Trump's popular support rate picks up 50 percent, we are led to believe that we are witnessing the changes in his character. Are we really or have we removed the cloud that was blocking our very own eyes from seeing?

Doing what is right and practising primary principles such as compassion, love, empathy, forgiveness etc, is own reward. We don't need material rewards to recognise our work instead the material is transcended into being. It is true beauty is seeing from the objective.