Let me start by claiming that you can change your behaviour by changing your mind. Your mind is the filter of objectivism. Then you can change your belief (not in a deIty but a principle mode) and your standings in life.

Social standings are bestowed by society, and with the exception of materialism, value standings are usually accorded only to objective being.

By the way, the best way to learn is to place the object of learning in the crossroads of your senses, feelings and thoughts. It's a bit like various dimensions, but it's not lineal or a singular unit. It's dimensional and each dimension has its own depth. Each road represents a nerve path in the communication of reality. And all roads cross in reality. You see, a single road holds only a portion of the whole truth. And thus the truth of reality is where all nerves cross to form the full objective.

We tend to protect the things we value with violent force. We tend to value things that are hard to come by, things that cost us so much of our time, money and struggles.

We also tend to protect things that are personally ours, they become part of us. We become possessive in their protection.

First, my previous site - has disappeared with the host. And all my data are gone with it. In my experience, when businesses fold over you lose everything even if it was your bread and butter project. But if you owe business thirty dollars they threaten you with lawsuits that you can't even afford to respond to.

Second, last week at work I almost got beaten up by a smoker. The intention was there and no doubt it was assault.

I merely made a statement of fact that the office smelt of smoke. Don't get me wrong; people don't smoke in the office. It's when they come in after having a smoke smelling of cigarettes and exhaling from their lungs that contaminate the small security space of the office. I can smell it and it makes me cough from second hand smoking.

Worse, the whole premises and its parameter is a smoke free environment. And these guys are not allowed to go outside the yard when at work unless they are going home.

Also, the second hand smoke is a risk to health and safety of other workers and clients.

You see, these violent behaviours are not only rooted in possession of material objects, but also by being materially possessed by addiction. When their possessions and fixes are threatened, they react violently.

And this old school material behaviour is now associated with the image of security as bouncers.

The modern image of security that I am advocating is customer services; duty of care and protection of health and safety of people and property. And yes, you are prohibited by law to beat people up. You may only use force in the event of self-defence as a last resort.

When I sensed what was coming; that's when the smoker got up and walked towards me in the heat of the incident, I didn't expect him to give me a hug. So I quickly thought of a strategy and it worked. He stopped and returned to his seat.

What do I mean by transcending the behaviour? When my site disappeared I became angry. I lost a certain enjoyment of seeing, hearing and stimulating thoughts from ideas.

I thought may be some school student is trying to prove his/her hacking power or taking my material for him/herself.

If you noticed how my anger has changed to somewhat understanding, I even felt sorry for whoever had taken my site.

The second incident was a common challenge among thugs and an opportunity to polish my skills. I would have been breathing deeply and planning an escape route or reacting badly in the manner the smoker was posing.

Instead I was thinking at what he was going to do and held my cool. I wasn't afraid of fearful but normal. I asked him something in a normal voice and he stopped instantly. He looked at me for a moment before turning around to return to his seat.

When you are possessed by anger, your instincts are controlling you. When you are possessed by addiction, your senses and all associated emotions are also controlling you. When you put two wild animals in a cage, obviously meaningless violence occur.

You tab into the human site of the beast, you are reminding him/her of a higher realm from the subjective.

Keep practicing intuitive reasoning and like instincts will emerge in times of need. But first, you have to reprioritise your values and principles.

First, human is over and above the material entity. Human is a holistic being having feelings, senses, emotions and thoughts. The crossroads of feelings, senses, emotions and thoughts are transcended by the objective into being.

There is no objective in beating up someone else. It's only a material attitude that is possessive and selfish. It is self-demeaning and destructive to all concerned.

Hey, those material objects are not compared to holistic human. Because one is selfish and materially possessive, he/she is denying others around him the opportunity to grow and transcend into being.

Material possession and addiction have overpowered our thoughts even to harm those close to us. It is most absurd.

If you are a smoker and then to have anger overwhelm you, why not try to think it over next time it happens. Most if not all crimes of passion are committed in the absence of thinking. Make it a valuable gift for your family this Christmas.