LINEAR MEDIA25/04/2017

President elect Mr. Trump has termed media reports and news 'alternative news', when it is largely against him. It suggests however that there is real news that has been deliberately omitted.

While the assertion is normal among politicians to invalidate unfavourable news, it does point out the power of the media either to destroy or promote a public image.

I would however give the so-called real news the name 'funny news' for the following reasons.

In the current state of media information, gossips and opinions fill our TV screens and Social Media to entertain us while truths and facts are sorted through political lenses. But gossips and opinions are endorsed by guest presenters among social media experts who are in favour and to promote such opinions. At the same time, we the innocent public are imposed such opinions to influence our decisions.

The practice is also known as peer pressure.

Recently, News presentations have undergone restructures to add a gloss and light hearted effect on favourable issues, while unfavourable issues are added controversies. It means that real negative issues against business and landlords are fabricated to win public opinions.

On various media programs, some academic guests mumble on for hours about abstract assertions that make no sense to anyone other than him/herself. Very clever!

They rarely talk about the cost of living that has become too expensive even families working two or three jobs still couldn't make ends meet. Further, the current Employment Law gives power to the employer to hire and fire the same time the employee has no right to representation at work.

I have witnessed so-called business people including lawyers - professional expectation in the name of justice - lied in court to disadvantage ordinary folks.

I have also witnessed employers and landlords lied and framed innocent employees to save their company's image. The practice saves a private business money which is also added to its profit.

It is a powerful medium of persuasion that has somewhat influenced the course of our democracy and impacted upon civil and social organization of our society.

The same old expectation of business owners own and take advantage of the media to influence public opinion in their favour has now added the influence of a political following. Thus issues of public opinion are promoted by the media in favour of a political party.

And this is evidential in the impact it's having on society. For example; landlords among developers are making millions from housing the same time the high cost of housing is too expensive for ordinary citizens. While they have no choice but to make camp on the street, ordinary folks still have no legal provisions to fair deals and human rights grievances. lt gave rise to a housing crisis that the former PM refused to acknowledge during his reign.

Now how such a grave crisis to the detriment of citizens and children which has now spread over the country cannot taint the image of the former PM proves the biased power of the media.

And clearly the more aggressive the media is in the persuasion of public opinion the greater the adverse social consequences impacted upon citizens. Nothing has been done about it until it has become too late.

Currently the issue of immigration is promoted through political lenses. On the one hand, immigration makes up the consumer population basic to the economy. And on the other hand, immigration is seen as taking over jobs, housing and some other stuff. At the same time, they couldn't find citizens who are willing to take up menial and dirty jobs immigrants are accustomed to.

If both parties opt for the latter, the real news has omitted a possible reality that the economy could suffer the consequences of media promotions.

Here we are led to believe in Freedom to choose yet the only choice that we are encouraged to make is the freedom to purchase and indulge in food, alcohol and drugs. For the most part, victims are influenced to indulge for the sake of isolation and being left out. It is social pressure just as media impositions are.

You see, the real power of the media is when we don't choose to spend on drugs and alcohol and yet we are. It subtly appeals to the subconscious mind that while we don't intend to buy alcohol and drugs yet we are suffering the consequences of indulging in the same. It is feeding our selfish addictions and ambitious desires.

When President Trump referred to alternative news, he is right. The media while only presenting alternative news from a linear material view, the objective truth is omitted. Since it appeals to the subconscious mind, it can also appeal to the conscious. But keeping in line political regimes has the media chosen not to present objective truth for political and business reasons.

According to rights and reason, serving the interests of the few over the rights of the many is far from right while depriving the existential needs of human reality is fundamental to life.

All those young people who are led to believe they are exercising their freedom to drink, take drugs and have sex are indirectly pressured to follow in fear of isolation and rejection. They are also not in an objective position to know who they are and what they stand for. But one can learn to understand intuitive decisions and freedom with in laws and rules of society. A linear news media cannot fulfil that portion of real human existent.