I argued in favour of sanity that I need my mind to make sense of reality. If I am under the influence of psychotic drugs, I may not be able to tell the difference between a tiger and a cat. If so then my life is at risk.

I too have experienced our mental health system. I was at university in the 90's when I was a target of a social experiment. I became very stressful and had to place myself in the asylum to seek respite from my coercive program. In all that time I analysed my own diagnosis and set out to undergo my own therapy.

There were two useful tools to my recovery; one is the use of my logical mind and two; the belief in God.

Doctors diagnosed me with schizophrenia but I didn't believe them. With the help of my adversaries, they created the social environment such as bullying, provocation, blaming, stigmatising and mockery to subdue my thinking. (At this point, one is at the lowest point of self-awareness. But it is acceptance of humility and being humble that enables one to survive. Fighting against one's reality is unreal.)

Instead, I took advantage of the environment to rehabilitate my behaviour especially anger. At the same time, I have learned to think before reacting as a new tool to cope with the environment. You see; my feelings and senses which make up my emotions were instinctive and much stronger than my mind. (The social environment is more violent than the physical environment). To help with my own program, I quit smoking and alcohol. I have never taken drugs.

My experience had also given me the opportunity to share other people's suffering from mood changes, bipolar and schizophrenia. Few react violently and one or two are unpredictable.

The system then was best described as clinical; but there were doctors and nurses who made you feel comfortably human. This is encouragement to recovery.

I also witnessed some so-called professionals' behaviour as criminal. Like other government agencies, there is a fair amount of personal and political agenda involved within it.

During all that time, I had lost my course of study and became well known as a subject of jokes and mockery. I couldn't go anywhere without being recognised and as such I couldn't find a job and was deprived of many social services.

So I established a voluntary social group and set out to help the community. At the same time l was enduring a chronic cough. I volunteered my time for about 20 years until my cough was under control.

I advocated for citizens with needs in their housing issues and became familiar with court procedures, government departments and community agencies. When I finally became fit for work, I took up a professional program for a job. I became successful at it and became a trade worker since.

I am now a little older and find it hard to find suitable jobs. But with all that time wasted by so-called professionals is exactly how the system works.

However with the little time that I studied at university I quickly became familiar with ancient philosophers and with Karl Marx.

I have made up my mind about Mental Health as a non-existent social program diverting attention from social consequences of economic development. It is classified according to a clinical system of categories. The individual is.

The government does not acknowledge mental health as such nor does it claim any responsibility for the consequences. A so-called independent committee was established by MSD to assess disability for benefit eligibility was headed by the CEO of MSD and his hand-picked doctors.

A sufferer may experience a seizure in front of a doctor who would then report that he/she hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Yes, there are professionals sometimes including church ministers who are agent for the system but seen as providing a community service.

And the CEO of MSD's remedy was made known to a MSD manager in front of a client. It follows from Thatcher's regime rehabilitation program for youth called "short sharp shock".

It is severe social punishment for youth that they would not forget as they are said to be rehabilitated back to normal life.

And as you see, Mental Health is rehabilitated by MSD in the form of social punishment such as shaming by refusal of service and refusal of benefit among other services. In this the patient has no choice other than to either find alternative means of survival or the ultimate.

In one's moment of darkness where he/she has no anchor such as belief or faith in someone or God, his/her heightened feelings and senses or instincts destined for destruction. The advantage of faith is having the ability to elevate the thinking over emotions or transcend the instinct into intuitive reason.

And that is the difference between a linear singular entity and a holistic being.

Instead of human rehabilitation or care of the sick as making good of social consequences, the government depends on private business advice based on market intervention.

And where there's a demand there's a market. So far, mental health workers among health business are supposed to be booming. But while demand is targeting public services without funding, a private provider may be successful in the transfer of funds but returning fees and taxes of a normal business.

I think privatisation of Mental Health has long been on sight but just waiting for a champion of a cause and enough support to quantify it.

It's probably considered unviable why it is depended on donations and help from the community