I was on training for a job last week. That's the 12 hour shift on patrol from 19:00 to 7:00 hours. The job involves climbing up and down the stairs for the most part both internal and external. The stairs are not even in places and not very well lit on the outside.

By 00:01 l came to the end of my tether. I was beginning to sway and often missed an uneven step or two. If an incident should happen I would fall several layers and suffer severe injuries. It's a definite issue for health and safety at work.

At 02:00 hours, I am now pushing myself and having second thoughts about the job. By 4:00 hours, I got up from a rest, walked outside and started to go wobbly. Next minute my knees gave way and fell about a metre and half down and onto the concrete.

I headed face down first but somehow manoeuvred my fall to land on my feet on impact. My angle was fractured taking the weight of my fall.

That was it. I went to the hospital and was given 6 weeks to rest. I messaged the boss that I couldn't do the job.

I have never given up on any work challenge and always have that attitude of 'I can do it'. But today I have come to realise that some things are beyond my capability.

I have to adjust my lifestyle to the idea that I am no longer the able person I used to be. I have to pick and choose my activities carefully to suit my strength.

For the last few years I tried to relate to doctors that I have a condition of feeling wobbly and have weak knees but they don't seem to take notice. It's the topic of MSD interviews that just don't see the light of day.

Towards the sunset is a natural process of aging from the hustle and tussle of everyday life; nothing too strenuous that might heighten its cause. But the body might bear some visible evidence of premature aging leaving tell-tale signs of one's profession or class status.

The imagination works overtime to try and put two and two together. 'Maybe he had a hard life' or 'that her husband is so dominant'.

The descending sight of glaring display a metaphor for love and romance upon the sound of breaking waves, felt by a cool breeze. I almost missed a peaceful place by a sudden move that reminded me of the pain in my angle.

I need the aid of crutches to get up and walk about. I admit that my accident was partly due to the fact that I couldn't see very well into the night and am unstable on awkward platforms such as stairs and heights. I am just too tired easily that I would carry my body after a while.

It takes some planning to enjoy the ripe age of time. It's making sense of the material in preparation for a transition to the beyond. Maybe there's a reason for tapping into normal phenomena as part of living. There is meaning to quantify the metaphor just as there is light beyond the sunset.

How can anyone see the beyond if he/she cannot see him/herself? We see the beauty of the sunset and the surround of romance intimate to one's own. Yet we are caught in the depth of dreams and desires.

This is it! You are not allowed to dream if you don't know who you are. You are not allowed to love if you don't know who you are.

When you have given your love to someone and that someone lets you down, you have nothing left because you don't know who you are. You are lost in the depth of dreams and desires.

Once, the descending sight of glaring colours displayed a metaphor for love and romance. But now the colours are portraying dark shades of a lost soul; cold, bleeding, grieving. No, this is not a curse from ancient myths; it is not a ghost inheritance.

Locate a stable anchor to stand upon. We know the ones we loved sometimes let us down and in our times of need we couldn't even find ourselves. That is why the anchor is best beyond our capabilities and strength. This super force is activated by ourselves.

Remember we cannot dream and love unless we know who we are. Knowing who we are will activate a super force to anchor ourselves in our moments of darkness.

We are social beings. We are constituted by objective elements of family, culture, religion, ambitions and desires.

We are also material entities. We are constituted by subjective elements of family, culture, religion, ambitions and desires.

Most young folks indulge in the freedom of material entities. That's following your material instincts and desires. When you arrive at the end of the line, there is no you, nowhere else to go.

Material freedom is not a valid choice when you are coerced by your addictions or by peer pressure or by your ambitions. But if you validly know yourself, you are expected to make an informed decision.

How then can you try to convince someone who cannot see the glaring shades of colours displayed by rituals of romance that renders the sunset a natural phenomenon?

I guess we can keep on telling stories, poetry and songs until we see the light. This was once an ancient past time.