In a not too distant past, election campaigns were usually notorious for macho stand on issues. Political parties were somewhat favoured for their harsh approach and were considered to be weak should they show favourable signs toward humanity.

Parties campaigned on such slogans as locking up criminals for life and throw away the key among derogative terms used to describe the unemployed. It is typical of punitive society to place punishment on everything, it is still the popular basis for resolutions.

That makes this election the best campaigns I have ever witnessed. It has engaged the power of persuasion to appeal to positive social changes for many from both major parties. And true to My Social Relations, the best on offer are considered to contribute a stable outcome to the social organisation of society.

Yes, My Social Relations seeks to validate subjective aspects to objective outcomes contributed to the stability of society.

And this is not directly throwing money at a problem, but putting in place a practical plan of social action to produce changes desirably objective outcomes. These are positive changes that sustain economic outcomes and social stability.

You see, the social organisation of the economy is an effective method of maintaining peace - global peace. But you know, some macho tribe decides to unilaterally rule the world.

I have written about this a few times that the social organisation of society gives rise to the stability of the economy. And this election campaign has proposed exactly that. Money is put in place to effect positive changes for society.

Now if we sort out money for nothing programs among those paid for by tax revenues, objective proposals stand out. The major three are Housing, Health and Education. If we look forward to Housing, both major parties are on it. While Health could be considered public service depended on tax revenues, such programs targeting prevention could also produce positive changes. And National is clearly ahead of Education.

The latter is a classic example of forward looking social change that impacts positive outcomes on the economy.

There have been kneejerk reactions to learning a second language at school from oppositions. But in most shopping malls, a Chinese language is somewhat spoken during business interactions.

Asian shops are paying tax and rent in local towns while Chinese students are learning to speak English locally. You don't need a professional teacher when practical hands on experience in the mall also give insight knowledge to culture. And that is what language is about. You know there is a unique understanding of culture learned from unspoken communication?

Rather than giving deaf ear to foreign language, business language is learned on the mall during business hours. And no one better teaches Asian than Asian person him/herself in the middle of a business setting for there is economic relations.

Now is the best time for the social organisation of society to impact economic relations. I don't use the term 'economic relations' loosely. When maintaining social relations is coherent organisation such as uniting different cultures and diversity; at the same time gives rise to economic progress and stability that 'economic relations' is a social way of life.

Economic Relations therefore is a valid correlation or coherent social organisation that sustains an economic outcome. It is a positive term.

National is well known for linear material development typical of the previous government. Its linear approach to the economy not only benefits the few in the private business sector, but had also neglected Housing and infrastructure not to mention the social consequences of material development.

The linear material development is the same as throwing money at the problem while the underlining cause is left to foster. Throwing money at a problem is more a populous resolve to a social issue for a number of gains such as the vote or to please and shut down critics. But the next government has to deal with the social consequences.

And this is important for swing voters: the previous government neglected infrastructure among Housing and Health therefore swing voters may look at the opposition to repeal this deficiency. But somehow the opposition is digging another hole in an effort to resolution. But National's current Social Conservativism positon going into this election is not in the same position as the previous government had. That places National the better option for repeal and maintaining the economy and its social organisation at the same time.

Among the consequences, Suicide still tops the list followed by the usual suspects among violence, crime, alcohol, drugs and homeless.

Only recently that I have claimed socialism is at the opposite end of linear materialism. It is social capitalism or social conservatism the ideal state of balance that prompts the capital infrastructure of social outcomes.

And this election campaigns have shown Labour to be to the left of Socialism while National is right on Social Conservativism. The balance is right of Centre and may not exactly determine the outcome of the election especially when the media is working overtime for other agendas.

However, it is possible to judge the outcome of the election between Intelligent Vote and Popular Vote. Intelligent Vote is informed of issues and what's good for society; the Popular Vote is following subjective instincts. But the ultimate is beauty with intelligence.

I wonder if in the next few years party leaders are judged by their features and beauty of course not to undermine their skills and personality.

This should put intelligence back into culture, and a transformation for the movies.