Ladies and gentlemen, let's do this. Change is coming. Let's make Aotearoa New Zealand beautiful again! Let Green be green and Red be redder, the same time great whites patrol the deep blue. Let's clear the bond of misty screen by demystifying alternative truths, despite being very old media.

It was a little while ago that I came to fear politicians simply for the tone of their korero in parliament. Whatever issue was at stake, a politician would surely make a dramatic blanket example of some poor publicans.

That's when 'psychobabble' was introduced to serve a blunt role for commentators among politicians, preachers and comedians in social coercive engineering. It is imposing fear and guilt to subdue usual targets therefore control.

The strategy is designed to silence would be critics and make examples of a specific group for political gain. It is grandstanding the usual suspects that slurs the cliché in a dark portray of the image. And this image lingers psychobabbling of old in our modern time. I can hear the rusty voice of gray pulling no punches in grandstanding; works all the time.

Remember 'dole bludgers'? People are referred to inhuman terms to validate their roles in the economy. And that captured the dark not of the subject but of the image behind the korero; we began to associate potential leaders with what they represent and stand for. Their korero alone renders us ordinary folks units and entities. Inhuman is having no feelings and emotions where no pain or joy thins that part of being human.

Optimistic as they were, the legend left behind by 'Muldoonism' is not always a fond topic of table talk while our very own 'Clarkism' may have been too powerful for the world. The exercise of power around the world as we speak only shows dark smokes of struggles that symbolises the individual politician; Trump, Kim Jon-un, Nicolas Maduro and so on, at the expense of the ordinary folk.

They may have done some good in their time, but the mood of persona has totally shaded the image. And out of the smoke paints a hopeful picture of political korero of the modern. Despite media attempt at provocation of controversy, beauty transcends social issues with values of sensitivity and kindness. The silent characteristics translate the qualities of a leader that appeals to our consciousness amidst our modern troubles. And out of the smoke projects a vision of hope.

Our experience with politicians spans miles of personal conversion from family and community individuals to corporate entities. We ourselves have become units among entities of the linear abstract economy.

Let's be realistic about the modern. Our identities are promoted by digital media where colour and images add values to our entities. The young generation is brought up on this medium with diverse issues of their reality. Now try and compare a modernised image with one of an ancient legend; there is no feeling or experience to associate this reality with. And that is why the image may be true to everything good of its time, it doesn't make much sense to a new generation.

However, beauty is smart power in itself when attracting droves to form political capital. It is the endorsement to authorise objective outcomes of social organisation. So the pioneers of modern representation are true of a paradigm shift where ancient legends give way to modern beauty. That is the social gap between the older generation and the new.

Young folks may have found it a bit stressful with all that hard hitting political korero; they tend to shy away from participation. If not they would respond in extreme and dramatic fashion until beauty rises from the smoke of old. It's time to change the face of leaders compatible with the modern paradigm.

Diversity is not fighting multiple fronts on the political arena, but for now it is sensitivity to diverse issues of reality. And one doesn't have to be a Christian to transcend the silent characteristics of our humanity. It is no longer ok to bombard some social issues for popular opportunism upon some ordinary folks.

When representation is true to reality, participation is having a voice with feelings of belonging. And the beauty of reality is near holistic existent. It is more appealing when representatives have charm and charisma. It's not neglecting the message, but too much psychobabbling can have a negative effect in the modern framework.

This is true to popular opinions when video effects make the movie or prove more popular than the theme.

I'm sure all this is not new when organisations were governed by human and civil values. But true to reality; there is no politics without power. At the same time, 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. And values have failed the test of time under political power.

We have seen power concentrated in the hands of the individual that tended to be destructive. It has placed power in the subjective category. To work power in organisational favour therefore has to be democratic or collective. The production of an objective outcome is power equally shared among the many to become one in power; that's super power!

What hope for the new to emerge in full flex is fortuitous with the older generation facing out. But it's more of a chance when politics of old is passed with its era. But what's more powerful is when the modern assumes objective beauty in diversity of participation.