INNOCENCE 05/12/17

Innocence is a factor in the source of creativity. It detaches oneself from attachments associated with common issues and popular opinions. It must therefore conclude that innocence and passion do not investigate popular issues but beyond the surface.

Deriving from the touch experience, the subjective abstract is the source of pure principles, dreams, desires and opinions. Driven by passion, they have no solid bases. And this is where Objectivism comes in. The pure principle remains an abstract as opinion hearsay until it is transcended and brought into being.

However, the passion of the subjective is much too strong it overwhelms the mode of objective. And we seem easier to follow selfish desires and popular opinions than to follow objective principles. (Top-down a priori and ground-up material).

You see, Objectivism is not for the faint hearted. The one quality to insight is innocence. Passion injects the senses and innocence directs a straight and narrow cause of desire. An objective desire transcends the material but subjective following remains static in a limbo.

Some people for convenience are trapped in the idea of God controlling everything one does. Rather one is free to choose by following his/her conscience.

And there a subjective principle remains static in a limbo while an objective transcends into being. And that is why Art, dreams and desires can be motivational in the achievement of objective outcomes.

While objective outcomes may be true to reality, the reality of an experience itself is not a sufficient test of what ought to be the right thing to do. The physical reality cannot validate the merit of an existence.

Just because an experience feels good does not make it right. One cannot justify doing something because he/she feels like it.

And this is where the experience is transcended by the principle to produce its objective outcome. The filter of feelings and senses according to objective principles is purification of the material experience.

The feeling of doing something just because he/she feels like it is purified and transcended to produce something objective instead. For those who have it, the ground-up feeling is modified by the top-down principle and the desire motivates the action. The action provides the real experience and the experience is stored in the memory. Now the pure principle is brought into being.

Frequent practice of such pure principles as Love, Compassion or Forgiveness becomes intuitive in time; one knows what ought to be done in a given circumstance.

President Trump might decide against Climate Change in the interests of his business party. But not all Americans agree with him. Again, North Korean ruler Kim Jon-un might decide to test his rockets across the sky but the whole world opposes.

One doesn't always get to do what he/she wants because there is a greater awareness that can transcend the ground-up material into being.

The UN may refer local issues of human rights to local politics. And the issue becomes relative to each nation where individuals have targeted countries favourable to their circumstances. And it looks like moral relativism is polarising the world. This is subjectivism.

Absolutism is not following orders or obedience, but transcending the material into being. It is compatible with Freedom where the individual is conscious of issues makes an informed decision.

The difference is; one has transcended her decision from the level of subjectivism or self and popular or cultural and political following to that of objectivism. That means the decision transcends the barriers of ambitions, sex orientation or gender, culture or popular opinions.

And that is why a global consensus is above the regional or local opinions. Trump may have vested interests in a few elites, but the larger population or global consensus weighs above Trump's or Kim Jon-un's subjectivism.

Notice the local community's need is greater than the individual's needs just as the global consensus is greater than the local or national decision. It is not determined by numbers but rather by the greater good. And the greater good is filtered from individual's sexual orientation or gender issues and gives way to such issues of health and well-being in terms of Climate Change and Poverty.

And there are special circumstances in the cases of refugee and immigration. There is a consensus approach to solve the world's issues of war and famine, but there are also issues within potential host nations in terms of culture, politics and economy.

So far, there is no standard maxim for measure, only brave leadership have risen above local and national complexities to take the lead in the direction of humanity.

Only just now we hear the term 'community spirit' mentioned but only in times of our need. That is the conscious collective in action, has risen above personal ambition, sexual orientation, politics and gender struggles to do what ought to be the right thing to do.

So who is telling these folks that helping out in times of need is the right thing to do? We know what to do in a given circumstance. We are consciously aware and intuitive of decisions beyond mere subjectivism of the material.

Normally, there are rational people out there. But rational decisions are logical outcomes that cannot transcend mere material. That is why I am saying that there are innocent people out there. Those who are not attached to selfish and political agenda but are conscience of what ought to be right beyond popular opinions.

In the same way, pure principles of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness are also beyond the material logic of rational outcomes. And pure principles are quantified and transcended by the act these folks do in our times of need.

Having an innocent Christmas is not associated or tarnished by the usual social issues of Christmas, but pure in transcendence of a good deed. Innocence is no shame, no stigma...