Since one is materially recreated in the modern, he/she may not be aware of the inherent social consequences. And these modern folks may not be able to be helped by the same folks of his/her generation.

Following from 'Our World Apart', let's look at reality again. Reality is the social objective. The 'material' refers to the physiological body including subjective aspects of feelings, emotions, wishes and desires. The material and its aspects remain subjective until it is transcended into objective being.

You can fulfil your dreams and desires by quantifying the ideas into objective being. Today in the modern, the wonders of technology have bridged the idea to virtual reality, but still remain subjective. We can witness some individuals who just exist for a game or for food. It is more magic than objective.

In our world, the whole of the 'material' is mostly maintained by material economic developments. I have referred to this layer as linear for it only involves with the needs of the material. But the material alone is subjective and cannot sustain a stable reality.

First, material science has referred to the material as total reality. It is the physical object that is seen and tangible. But inherent of this material reality are social and mental consequences of material development that cannot be seen or tangible. Where then do these social and mental consequences come from if the material alone is sole existent?

Then one might not be aware there is a problem if he/she does not have an objective purpose in life. That is something you may not see but you can know.

It is because the material logic is limited; it cannot successfully reason the metaphysical aspect of the material outside itself. And this is the missing link of material development. The material itself has failed to accommodate the material subjective aspects of its own reality.

Second, individual humans are not whole material units, but are also social and mental. This accounts for their feelings, emotions, wishes, dreams and desires that can be objectively transcended. That means there is a quality purpose or a reasonable means that are quantified into being or stable realities.

The material alone is subjective and the material subjective aspect cannot stabilise a reality. It therefore supports the fact that material development cannot support the whole of the individual.

The individual has feelings, emotions, dreams and desires that serve an objective purpose to the quality of one's life and his/her environment.

But this material reality exists in our emotions and dreams; the aspects of the material that are subjective. While they have failed to stabilise the whole reality of the individual they in fact can stabilise existent by serving an objective purpose.

And this is the bind; the material economic development has to serve an objective purpose to the quality of the life of the individual.

Rather than the individual depriving his/her social and mental needs, the material development must consider the social and mental attributes of the individual. And this is a holistic development.

We have been asking the age old question of why people get hooked up in alcohol and drugs, and eventually mental illness. Why are a lot of people opting to commit suicide? Clearly, the material alone cannot and never would be able to stabilise the whole of reality.

We have witnessed many well off folks failed to sustain their families. There are many personal experiences to provide evidence of social consequences of material development.

We don't live to work. We go to church, we go to sports and clubs and we attach our feelings and emotions to what we participate in. And these are the social activities that constitute our society; the values that bind. You see, the material economy alone cannot sustain the basic needs of society.

Why do people leave work and their families to live alone in isolation? Why are they addicted to alcohol and drugs? Why has prison become a refuge from society? Why do they commit suicide?

I have recently lost a job for being honest and speaking the truth. The company stonewall bullies and law breakers to protect their name at the expense of victimising the innocent.

Then I was offered another job with another company which seemed to have no moral or social values in place. I know I have to work and earn my keep for now while looking out for something more compatible with being. But the material platform that so-called reality is based upon is full of holes.

The very people who are trusted with care of children have permitted work policies that allowed young people freedom to sex and alcohol in dormitories. This is also encouraged as part of competitions aimed at attracting young people to fill the roll.

If you ask me about a drinking culture in sports and schools, suicide among the young, rate of crime, all this can be reasonably explained. Freedom of the material cannot stabilise anyone. It is purpose and responsibility.

Because business has been given free reins to rule, business has become the main developer of the material economy which in turn has become the main creator of individual humanity. Unfortunately, business cannot stabilise the whole of humanity. And obviously the more wealth and rich society becomes the greater the social and mental consequences accumulate.

But we can try and modify material developments to accommodate social and mental needs. The trouble is, there is probably no one left in the world that can influence this alone. And of course means we are still on the spiral of no return.