If you think you are human, stop for a moment and take a good look; there is so much going on around you and yet you cannot see any real substance. You can look but you can't see eh?

You are made busy by the engagement of your sense perceptions in shadows of the material to satisfy what you think is reality.

And while you are busy engaging your ego in selfish desires, you are in fact shaded from realising the truth. Reality is not what you think but what you dream of; only that you are in your dream. Can you get out of your head?

Since you are now controlled by subjective desires of the material, you are easily manipulated to achieve political populist intentions. You are led by your senses to become a material unit subject to the demands of the subjective world.

On the condition that as long as you the material one meet your addictive desires, nothing and no one else matters. Remember it's your dream world.

Meeting your passion has destroyed families and individuals even communities in the normal or social sense; but even normal folks are blinded by their heightened instincts. Some religions too have fallen into the shadows of the ego.

Now considering that you cannot see reality, you would soon realise that while indulging in social media propaganda, you are in fact banned from free and valid participation. You are banned from contributing anything objectively reasonable and logical. In other words, you are not allowed to think. You are only encouraged to feed your material self in subjective propaganda by controversies and entertainment.

There is nothing you can do when you are locked within the parameters of your so-called subjective dream world.

In My Social Relations, the material economy only makes sense in reality when prompting a superstructure of social establishments. Now, the material economy has disestablished social reality and assumed the linear singularity as reality itself.

Values as we have known have become burdens of the material economy. There are no more social responsibilities as traditional establishments gave way to foreign alien developments.

I have stated this material singularity movement as thinning of humanity - Splitting the Material.

Now if disestablishment refers to a social institution, then dismantle refers to a mechanical system like destruction of a motor vehicle. The trouble is; the motor vehicle's usefulness depends upon the social institution. So when the vehicle unbinds its ties from its social institution, its usefulness diminishes. Dismantling the vehicle therefore devalues its social and hence capital worth.

Therefore, disestablishing the social institution is dismantling the material system itself. The system as we know has been on a one way cause to self-destruction for a while now, the spiral of no return.

Cutting ties from the market has also weakened its purchase power the same time the vehicle has to be sold. And since the social value is disestablished from the global market, the vehicle is likely to be tainted by that social stigma of disestablishment. There is no demand for such vehicle; it simply has too much baggage.

Last week I referred to relations of the global economy that is sustained by local multiculturalism and diversity. For a vehicle to survive the modern organisation, it has to maintain its social establishment and to meet the diverse demands of many cultures. But to cut total ties in disestablishment and dismantling is economic suicide. And the rest must follow into a domino spiral.

So far, the linear material economy is booming only on dictatorial impositions manipulated by regulations and by majority or tribal rule. The predominant majority is referred to local tribal manipulation by wealth and by populist vote.

That means the general consumer population is tied up by minimisation of their choice. What choice has an unemployed family in an artificial housing market is forced into homelessness. And it has been proven that the children cannot survive the harsh conditions.

If houses are too expensive for the social reality of its local market, then demands must be created elsewhere. And thus the New Zealand government regulated immigration easier for the rich to meet the housing supply and necessarily displacing its local citizens on the streets. And the rich among foreigners have taken over what was known to be the local establishment.

If vehicles are too expensive for its local market, then demands are artificially created elsewhere at the expense of local citizens. But the exercise makes social sense for cultural coexistence and diversity. The alternative is isolation and conflict escalated to war.

Until some unexpected catalyst fortuitously cause a genuine local revival, the spiral is an imminent reality.

A little while ago, I made the prediction that global organisation shall give way to local organisation. And as it turns out, it is not the locals who are rising to repossess their rights and freedom and to take control of their own affairs. Rather, it is the same rich tribal capitalists who are pulling the strings in local establishments.

Local citizens instead are still imposed and impoverished by regulations and by lack of resources to mount a decent fight-back against their oppressors. And failing to react is allowing collateral damage to occur.

Now, if you can't get out of your dream world, others can join you in the super state of awareness. And we can all die of starvation and homelessness with bare feet. But this reality can also be quantified by the real world of social objectivism.