A journey in the world of the social is an internal journey of modern man who is trapped inside an archaic time. It is told in a movement between the present in Auckland and the present time in Wellington. The vast difference between the two cities is explained by modern man's dark world of social differences that prompted his old regime.

From Auckland to Wellington is a chance to go back in time and correct the path to the future. It is coherent of the social to tolerate difference especially in the market where food, fashion and tools share a common interest among various cultures.

Amidst the natural social accomplishment is that die-hard casual racist attitude adherent to middle aged Pakeha and some Maoris. This archaic behaviour is typical in traditional agencies of the old regime that lingers bub scenes and some still-standing stores. I don't need to inform that failure to change with the times is economic suicide.

The seed is planted in fertile land of diversity to prompt its modern market. But at the same time we have witnessed how modern developments have raised alarms for tribal sentiments. Nonetheless, an attempt to revive the Western bloc is no match for modern diversity. A place in time is in the gene that shall quantify the global market.

Surprisingly, this could come by way of accident. You see, the old folks and their loved ones are opting for the right to die. Given that a passion is granted, the cornerstone of ethics has shattered the temple as old values give way to modern establishment. So it is expected to have eroding effects of transition.

Let me put it this way. Auckland has become an international city because of its diverse population. But diversity is not just piling up the population with anyone. No, the package is not a linear development. It is a social establishment that supports the infrastructure. And the modern social establishment is not the old tradition based on race. It is in fact embracing racial difference.

When I arrived and settled into work in Wellington I was soon isolated and targeted because of difference. Wellington folks were unsettled with a different approach to work especially accommodating others including workmates clients and customers.

They were afraid that I know some things about the job that they didn't or willing to accept. They were supervised by a leader who was an ex prison guard who operates a divide and rule ploy. That makes him a king by imposing his rule upon his worker's conflicts.

The client's manager is the angriest person I have ever come across in that position when his job includes accommodating customers. These are the traditional hypocrites who are holding back progress. Because of fear of the new, they hang on to the old.

You would expect statements in support of bullies and abusers from them and blaming the victim for complaining. Because of someone's fear of being made redundant for smoking on the job which is a smoke free secure site, she abused and harassed the targeted non-smoker for stating the fact. And the supervisor along with the manager dismiss the abuse and sided with the smoker thus encouraging abuse, bullying and racial behaviour in the workforce.

Anyone who has been with the company long enough is always guaranteed non-blameable, but the one who is new cops the lot. Now the modern value follows that should the consumer know about bullying and abuse behind the product can have adverse effect.

Of course one has to bulldoze the front behind the conspiracy to get close to the truth. I have made several complaints but the leader brushed them aside as misunderstandings. One complaint slipped through to the manager but he too suggested no basement after exhaustive investigation. This is in a matter of half an hour when considering the manager is in Auckland and the incident happened in Wellington.

Even having a modern or technical product, the modern value is inherent of the social. It is inevitable that a linear enterprise that fails to embrace diversity would soon join the many traditional ones that are either closed or still standing empty.

On the one hand, a place in time foresees an objective social world of the future is where peace is in fact a bi-product of the global economy; and on the other hand, is a deserted place in the past that lingers with dark memories of bullying, abuse and conflicts. The choice is objectively logical.

The simple things that contribute to production matter the most in making up personal perception of reality. We know that perception is constituted by sense awareness of reality and if reality of the product is dark; rt hen it is likely to be deserted.

Therefore coming from Auckland to Wellington resembles that of a time in between the future and the past.

Now having said that, I know there are some good business and communities in Wellington. It's only a matter of having to bulldoze those road barriers from participation. It's a matter of opening to difference and allowing more community activities in the open.

And of course, to breed the seed of the future is to allow the young into positions of decision making. With God's guidance upon social objectivism, let the future take us into a place where no man or woman have been before.

If material progress can be improved by material science and economic structures depend upon society, then the future lies with the social.