We are familiar with the phrase; 'God is Love', in terms of rescuing us from strife and validation of freedom. Now before this; 'God is Love', in creation. So, if God is Love and we are made in the image of God, then we are created in Love.

You know what, every time we quantify the act of true love that we are truly transcended into being. Beautiful love; beautiful energy; beautiful being!

Love is thus a beautiful positive energy that animates our feelings and senses; our body and our mind integrated in spirit. It is not a single entity, but a pure source that directs us to grow towards each own objective purpose.

The achievement of one's purpose is the realisation of one's unique person, the quantification of the relationship with God.

You see, life is not restricted to a single and linear dimension; the body or physical existence alone.

To love is for one to embrace the body; the body in turn expresses the spirit. The act of beautiful love is not a single dimension of bodily desire. It is the giving of life shared in love that is lived until death. Life is a relationship animated by a beautiful energy.

Man and woman share their genes in the product of love, the original gift of creation. The child inherits characteristics of both parents including skills and traits. The father and mother are endorsed shareholders of the family in the interest of society.

These parents have their inalienable rights imprinted in the DNA quantified in the maintenance of their relationships. Their life is a living relationship with God.

And it is only natural for these parents to be responsible for decisions in communities, education, vocation and recreation involving the children according to the tradition of their living. They hold a crucial role in the civilisation of society.

Unfortunately in our material world, individualism continues to challenge us with their heightened ambitious desires. The state has served a linear purpose to improve profit for corporate entities but at the same time advances a linear material development upon which a nourishing environment for linear material growth is established.

The state and the corporate media have become too powerful in subduing individuals to their material desires in opposition to parents who uphold objective purpose for society.

Hiding behind the mask of business and political lobby, opposing individuals engage in the public propaganda of aberrant behaviour corrosive to society. They promote the false freedom of the material to fornication, prostitution and adultery. Believers at the same time are persecuted for standing up for what is right and objective to society.

However, just as the evolution of material pedagogy is perpetuated by opposing individuals in education, beautiful energy is positively involved in the raising and education of children at home and in the community.

Parents among believers should not be discouraged by their onerous task. They should learn to trust their belief written in their hearts. They can tap into that beautiful energy as a powerful source of inspiration. It has been proven to change lives for the better. There is no better time than now in the height of heightened materialism.

They can also change the lives of those hiding behind masks of business and political agenda to protect the innocent men and women from corruption of their minds.

Culture is the validation of customs and habits from material and tribal organisation, necessarily transforming individual entities to social beings. Thus organisation is not an aggregate of individual units coming together to satisfy their material desires, rather it is a community of social beings. And clearly, individualism is the opposite of society.

Blaming society therefore for the outcome of materialist individualisms' practice is not justified.

These materialist individuals have corrupted society by targeting young men and women as well as married men to indulge in material desires. By promoting material desires have directed young folks and married individuals away from sharing love and communication with their parents and husbands or wives.

However, these communications are necessary in the maintenance of relationships in the family. And by replacing the role of a parent, husband or wife have brothels denigrated that parent and husband or wife. Soon enough, a son or daughter no longer needs to communicate with his/her parents for guidance. A wife or husband no longer needs his/her partner and the destruction of the family is inevitable.

And this is nothing new to consecutive governments. The rise of gay and lesbian rights along with sexuality as a gender and same sex union have meant that society is no longer raising children, future days of society are numbered.

Further, the disestablishment of social institutions gave more power to business where employment is no longer guaranteed when business are relocated or restructured.

Families decimated and individuals isolated, children and parents no longer have the security of the family for support in times of need. And we are only too familiar with the social consequences.

We are created in love; to give, to share and to live in love. That once beautiful love is now replaced by addiction to escalate a series of social consequences to the inevitable destruction of society.

And in light of all the above, I will make the claim in here that until we return to true love in the organisation of society, we won't be able to save our earth from environmental destruction. We have it in our genes to achieve love and higher, but our addiction to the material has destroyed our world. And we can begin by loving ourselves.