A scientist discovered the brain of a depressed person to be shrinking.

A depressed person worries so much about things in life.

The questions follow;

  1. Did the shrinking of the brain cause depression, or
  2. Was it worrying that caused depression therefore shrinking brain?

If the answer is 1, then what causes the brain to shrink?

If the answer is 2, why does a person worry about things?

There are two possible reasons.

  1. The shrinking brain has a physiological and chemical imbalance.
  2. The worrying mind has a thinking or mental imbalance.

Is it likely therefore that a healthy mind can prevent a brain from shrinking by offsetting a balancing distribution of chemicals in the brain?

But the modern and economical means of production will have doctors prescribe medications to attempt at balancing chemical imbalance in the brain.

At the same time, the frequent practice of chemical inducement can cause that part of the brain to be redundant. The brain therefore develops a dependency on drugs to function, but the practice ensures the pharmacist a profit.

Instead of drug dependency and risk addiction, I promote a holistic approach to health where the physical, social and mind integrate in a harmonious balance of functions.

If I had made a hire purchase, I would worry about missing a repayment. I worry because I don't feel good about making excuses for not making the repayments. I particularly don't like salespeople at the retail shop. They are harsh and they always have the better of me, I get very angry at seeing them. I believe they use psychology to get the better of people.

I feel inadequate every time I see them. And when I get home, I am not only angry but have that knot feeling in the stomach. The only way the knot goes away is when I pay the hire purchase off.

That is why I would save up the full price of anything like a fridge, a washing machine, or a computer and paid cash.

If something like a computer is not working properly, I tread taking it back because I know they are going to blame me for repairs.

I'm very good at interpreting the law on consumer products and I would use it in my presentations. But they the salespeople would make me feel like a liar, a thief and an easy target. I just don't like the way they sussed you out.

I try really hard to but I always end up with something that doesn't quite fit or suitable for my needs. You know I wonder if they try to sell faulty products to easy targets and get away with it.

I also don't like adjudicators. I think they side with business and landlords. They lie in the face of evidence.So long as I am debt free and up to date with ongoing bills like rent and power, I am feeling alright. I would also stay on the right side of people because I don't like confrontation.

I also don't feel good when I'm not doing anything and getting a bit overweight. It makes me feel better going out for a run or a walk.

You know sometime I want to stay in a deserted island alone. But really I would feel a lot better being around people and helping out.

I stay active and debt free to keep that knotty feeling away from my stomach and may be my brain will not shrink.Normal people worry and worrying is a normal part of life. It is a response to potential troubles usually about relationships, finance, careers and other serious issues of life. The trouble is, some people are not able to move away from this uncertain state of anxiety and are thus stuck in depression. Having said that, please note that I am not an expert in the subject. I am making sense of the issue by placing it in a logical sense.

The reasons given to inability to motivate oneself away from depression follow;

Just by looking at the above list I can roughly suggest the following;

A major factor contributed to behaviour is the environment - both physical and social. And it makes sense therefore that when children are brought up in Poverty all their lives that their mental health is lacking the necessary nutrition for growth.

Some of these children may lack education and coping skills in later life. And obviously these unfortunate children will struggle and may well be stuck in static depression. To prevent this trouble in the future is to deal with Poverty today.

That is why wellbeing is part of physical health and welfare. The maintenance of the brain and mind is just as important as maintaining a healthy body.

In our ever thinning world of virtual reality and generic self, we certainly need a functional mind harmonious with the body for stability. A healthy mind healthy body is food for thought that keeps the brain from shrinking.

In My Social Relations, reality is stabilised from the top down.