POOR IN SPIRIT29/05/2017

Is religion keeping us poor by imposing a man-made struggle?

I have referred to the bottomless pit as satisfaction of desires of the material that never ends. It suggests endless labour to fix one's addictions, but his/her material desires are never satisfied. One might get a temporary fix for a moment, but after a short while the cravings return. It is like trying to fill a pit on the ground that has no end at the bottom.

Now, imagine the pit on the ground is in space and instead of toiling to achieve material things, one tries to fill it with fantasies and dreams. Like material desires, dreams and fantasies also achieve the same end of pleasing him/herself. Only that the pit is not in space but rather in his/her head.

The addict toils long in the day and sleepless nights trying to satisfy his/her desire. But at the end of the day, he/she still feels hunger and thirst for that material desire. He/she is now fully conditioned by the addiction that his/her heart, mind, body and soul are totally enslaved by the desire. He/she may endure ailments of toiling while achieving absolutely nothing. Just like trying to fill an endless pit.

The dreamer also fantasises all day long to please him/herself. But at the end of the day, he/she is conditioned by the dream pleasure; his/her heart, mind, body and soul are totally compliant to the desire. Because one's life is fully occupied by dreams that he/she may endure malnutrition from starvation while having absolutely nothing to show for.

The power of the addiction in material desires and dreaming has totally controlled feelings and senses that contaminates thinking and belief; one is deceived. He/she prioritises the means of achieving desires over the means of achieving the necessities of life. Moreover, the desire is to be achieved by any means necessary including immoral or criminal activities.

In My Social Relations, wishes and dream fantasies also refer to subjective materialism as unreliable to support reality. Wishes, dreams and fantasies come under the category of materialism.

Under the materialism spell, one is totally convinced that his/her delusional world is normal reality and everyone should respect his/her right as an addict and a dreamer. Addicts and dreamers have formed social groups for support and are now imposing their rights on society. It is picked up by populous opportunists for a political gain.

And a branch is deviated from the main stem of society. It is leading to the descending spiral of no return. But this has shown us how material progress is determined by popular opinion although such opinions may lead us to edge of the cliff.

You see, material desires, addiction, dreams and fantasies are subjective aspects of the material. While these linear material aspects are invalid and deceptive, they are nonetheless a reality for a number of people. And these folks are usually struggling in life. They become easy targets of business and politicians for a consumer population and to prompt the structure of a socialist elite class.

It is the ideal state of awareness suitable for transformation. When addiction is removed it has to be replaced by an objective purpose bridging the material into his/her mind and soul. It is transcendence from the material into being.

This may suggest the current mode of organising the means of survival separates the material from mind and body. And we have discovered this to be inhuman and destructive to the world.

The trouble is, God is commonly preached as independent and lives in heaven somewhere watching everything we do. But this does nothing other than to encourage the addict and dreamer to remain static in subjective materialism.

They preach that God will save them and fulfil their needs and desire. They would quote a passage from the Bible as proof.

Let me say that the Bible is nothing and teaching based on the Bible is misleading in the material subjective sense. It is nothing when words in the Bible become the principle proof. The Bible has become God per se.

Common in our secular world, the delusional character will entertain his/her dream desire with the idea of a saviour in space who will come to the rescue. It does nothing other than to reinforce his/her static position of struggling in addiction.

Instead, the Bible has guidelines and we live the relationship between God and us into being when we quantify the principles in the Bible. FAITH means work to quantify principles of belief.

Addicts and dreamers do not place God anywhere else other than in their heads along with material desires. It feels good to hear that God will save you from trouble so hooray mate have another puff. Cheers!

The Bible is more than the linear material of the senses. Leading the poor to transform their minds and change their beliefs is leading to see true reality.

The poor in spirit may refer to those whose material possessions addictions and desires have come between them and God. And evil is now splitting the elements of being.

And these folks cannot endure struggles in addicts and dreams while waiting for politicians to improve their standings. At the same time, God will not come down to lead them away from Poverty.

We have to quantify our relationship with God by transformation of the mind and implement change for the better. We have to practice the principles of belief and quantify the material into being.

Those Jesus died for are rejected by His followers.