Your Self May Not Be Yours19/05/2017

So far, there are three layers of self according to me.

  1. Traditional self construct;
  2. Digital self; and,
  3. Generic self.

The 'self' construct is the traditional material self. It is material because it is formed by subjective aspects collected by wishes, dreams and desires that do not support a stable life of health and wellbeing.

The 'digital self' is constructed upon data collected from your online interactions on a device such as a computer, an iPod or a Tablet.

'Generic Self' is constructed by others from your online interaction with or without your knowledge.

The above layers are generally referred to as extension of self. However, extensions of self are objects and ideas that one has collected for own satisfaction.

And this traces the meaning of 'self' back to subjective images of material desire. As it was and according to me, self is formed from the accumulation of subjective material desires.

Our feelings and senses collect this information from both the physical and social environment.

The physical environment contains images of nice and sweet things that make us feel good. The social environment reinforces nice things said about us that make us feel better. It is all about the image of oneself.

I have claimed that 'self' construct is a subjective material entity for a number of logical reasons. One; the material entity is linear and vulnerable under testing conditions. Two; its subjective nature is destructive - addiction and mental illness, and three; its selfish nature promotes individualism over families, communities and society.

The digital self are aspects of actual and social interactions on the internet. While the self construct is stored in the memory, the digital self is mostly stored on the device's memory. When one is logged in online, he/she assumes the character of his/her digital self.

Digital self is not a permanent entity. The individual may change his/her digital self and assumes a character totally different from the one before. The character of the digital self may be a phase one enters into when hidden from others or when others are hidden from him/her. And his/her character can be anything symbolic including a brave hero, a bully, macho or feminism.

Because of its discreet nature, individuals extend their selfish desires to extremes and outside normal expectations such as glorifying destructive behaviour.

At the end of the session, one may either leave his/her digital self online and switch back to material self construct or continue to assume digital self.

While the generic self follows the same principles of all about oneself, aspects of his/her character may have attributed not by him/her but by robots and corporate analysts. The generic self is a ghost image from a consumer perspective. It is constructed on what one spends his/her money and time on.

Your generic self is what the corporation constructed to feed your desires in real life and keep on making you feel good if you know what I mean! They use the information to target you with products including games, food and fashion etc.

However, the corporation is not the only one targeting you. Scams including the notorious Nigerian donor also targets individuals based on data they disclose on the internet. Also, some folks have paid thousands of dollars for love that never transpires.

It is almost certain that the Internet should never be trusted for anyone to be seriously honest about. The trouble is; governments are imposing regulations for us to encourage sharing of personal details online. These are shared in government departments' network and third party private corporations which many are contracted to carrying out specialised work.

Every time we make enquiries by phone or email to government departments and private corporations, we are required to disclose our full name, date of birth, address and any other form of identification including a driver's license number to identify us. The devices that we used are manufactured by private corporations. We are familiar with backdoor loops, allowing the corporation to collect our personal information without our knowledge; thanks to Snowden for the information.

So, here we are locked-in the Western New World Order without consent. It is frightening for anyone when robots among corporate analysts profile a person according to information contain in his/her generic self.

Individuals switch in and out of digital characters under influence of the environment. It provides a temporary feeling of bravery where one says or does what he/she doesn't do normally. It is mainly committed on the pretense of having fun and games.

In the absence of consent and freedom, we are coerced. There is no way in the world the self can validate any action towards the maintenance of health and wellbeing. Meantime, young folks are addicted and afflicted by modern trends of self satisfaction.

Under principles of ID, there are developments beside the desires of the self construct. These include objective principles of being. We are also born with the ability to be consciously aware of what ought to be right under given circumstances.

However, this innate ability is corrupted by the development of material desires. Still it is still there when the individual makes a free choice to filter all this subjective material development and transcend his material person into being.

Beyond the limitations of the linear material is where true being exists. It is deliberately limited by Pure Logic or Artificial Intelligence. In reality, when you have arrived at the end of the material, there is nowhere else to go. The chances are one will die there if he/she does not transcend the entity of the material self into being.

We have heard of detachment. When the self is detached from its extensions, there is nothing left for the self only exists on materialism. Pure Logic and Artificial Intelligence also end there. It is the end of the Western New World Order.

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