When the mind frame of a popular majority generation exceeds that of the older generation; their values are forced upon the former establishment that has just become a recent minority. Their majority rule coercion upon the minority gives rise to oppression of the former social establishment. And their mind frame is compared to that of tyranny.

Their odium has particularly targeted oppression of religion and social establishments through a so-called democratic process. It is so-called because we know that democracy is not determined by a majority number just as principles are not validated by popular votes.

One such principle is the Maori Party a keystone in our social and political organisation. It is unique in the foundation of the constitution. As people of the land, Maori Party serves a principle role to distinguish New Zealand culture from that of colonisers among visitors. It must be seen in a cultural basis that has also inspired indigenous movements around the world.

Race is confusing the issue, and racism implies the complainant is disadvantaged by the Maori Party because of his/her race.

We know very well this is not the case. The Maori Party is not a racist organisation when a people organise their communities by shared values. A struggle against the dominant forces of Europeans among other non-Maori does not disadvantage oppressors from the existence of Maori Party.

So far, the general role does not preserve this unique existent of New Zealand history when a popular vote is induced democratic to oppress a people. The Maori Party therefore exists to represent oppression by tyrannical rule than to disadvantage the majority.

However, the Maori Party itself is affected by this paradigm shift where few Maori folks maintain traditional culture that is choked by modernity. It is the role of the state to ensure this rich Maori tradition is preserved for New Zealand.

I guess the major question of the moment is that so many Maori personnel in the political system yet Maori is over represented in prison inmates, homelessness, health and unemployment?

This is a universal question also relevant to other indigenous peoples of the world where a dominant culture rules the political regime giving rise to oppression.

Of old, both Maoris and Pasefika fall into rigid flaws of a neo-liberal system. First, the so-called system or its linear material abstract was expected to provide for all. But as we know from experience, it only provided for the private materialistic sector while neglecting the social consequences.

Both Maori and Pasefika have taken the system literally, that it would provide for all, but at the same time holding on to social cultural values.

Clearly, the social objectives and linear material abstracts are not compatible. As the linear entity favours individuals or materialistic nature more than communities and social values.

There is no wonder religion is pressured out of education among traditional social mores. Our social and cultural values are influenced by our Christian heritage that has been subjected to thinning.

We expect the system to be fair and provides for all based on social and moral values that we are accustomed to. But the system has no respects for what we hold valuable in our traditions and thus we are left behind by material developments.

And this is evidential of social issues shared by Maori and Pasefika as well as individuals who depend of family and communities could not cope on their own have become homeless and lacking healthcare.

The social conservativist approach under Mr. English is expected to be more humane than its previous vulgar approach under Mr. Key.

While the system may add qualities of human values by addressing the consequences, Maori and Pasefika need to shift their perception slightly away from ideal abstracts offered by Labour to a more practical approach of helping oneself.

This is it! Promises offered by political campaigns may or may not materialised. There are policies where benefits and entitlement are offered but in the long run, it merely makes us dependent on the system.

And we are forever hoping for something somewhere to help us out, but at the same time we are humiliated in MSD queues and told to leave the hospital bed.

If Mr. English's social conservativism succeeds, then the system has moved in our favour. Still, we have to pick up the shovel and do the hard work. It is where the rubber meets the road running and we are on it. It is the quantification of social and moral values that our culture and religion are founded upon. It is responsibility.

The neo-liberal tribe continues to challenge our nature by such liberal materialism attitudes as 'they can do whatever they want', but only to sabotage our traditional customs. The paradigm shift has somewhat made individuals of the modern linear tribe the norm a democratic thing to do. But a valid principle is not determined by popular opinions.

A right is not determined by a majority number and if so it is no more than dictatorial. A popular paradigm shift without values is nothing more than tyranny. And if this tyrannical paradigm is aided by a socialist regime, then we have something to worry about in the near future.

Finally, our MMP system in this election has worked well for the debate of issues, but it hasn't done so well with group representations. It seems that some political populist has mastered manipulation by targeting favourable groups for own gains. And this type of manipulation is more undemocratic and added to tyrannical rule that we have found ourselves locked within it.

With all due respects, I am not speaking for Maori other than sharing my opinion of issues of the day.