I AM ROBOT16/04/18

I have advocated for believers to bring God down to earth and practice pure principles of belief in their lives as opposed to God coming down to earth to rescue them. It is the difference between dependency and helping oneself.

I can understand that human has a tendency to indulge in self-glory of the material and thus forget principles of belief that not only safe keep him but also to the welfare and wellbeing of others. The need for God is ever urgent in the modern search for human self discovery.

In any case, remember on Sunday, your donkey fell down a hole on the ground. If you don't rescue your donkey, no one will work the field for your keep and you shall die of starvation. So even on Sunday, you have to go out to work. It illustrates the difference between dependency and objective outcomes.

God is a positive motivation for self development and objective achievements. The practice of pure principles acquires data collection to form objective outcomes. It is the artificial process of intuition.

However, A.I. has adopted this program where trials and errors accumulate data for modifications and improvement of outcomes.

Thus A.I. is catching up fast on humans progress because we are stagnated by religious control to restrict us to dependency. That means we are not able to make objective decisions unless someone else has given the ok.

The concerned denominations may render useless the Death and Resurrection of Christ to save us. But the new covenant is written in the heart and mind to practice Faith. Faith in turn is working and making decisions for objective achievements.

And the reason one is following principles is because he/she believes and belief in turn is quantified by work and not by depending on someone else.

So when A.I. catch up with humans, believers are likely to depend on robots and technology to make decisions for them. And their God becomes a robotic god. The gap between believers and their God is now occupied by an A.I. robot.

Now, don't be too excited just yet! Our A.I. robot hasn't got what it takes to measure finer details of the senses. The elevation of the senses is in fine details for example, human can be separated into stages of growth from infants to adults. Within this stage is another category of temperament and personalities.

An infant human may be totally motivated by the senses; a young human may be driven by feelings and emotions while an adult could be spending his/her time thinking.

In the linear material world, it has tendency to treat all humans the same that is; they all sense, feel and think the same according to the uniform organisation of the linear world.

Thank God that we are unique in our own ways. Some are believers and others are not. Children tend to be motivated by feelings and senses more than thinking. And the outcomes of their decisions can make a hell of a difference to a linear observer. That's attempting the incompatible task of making sense of a multilayer complex from a linear spectacle.

So you see, intuition is more than just an accumulation of data. The elevation process filters the objective from the subjective as we become aware of what ought to be right from wrong. And the output is quantified by the practice of belief, the work that impacts positive outcomes in our communities.

Your conscience is within and reminds you of what ought to be the right thing to do. Still, it doesn't assume that we all have the same conscience and being aware of the same thing. Some of us don't believe and their conscience is concentrated awareness only of oneself.

This distinction is filtered by the objective /subjective process. The selfish conscience may still quantified but the outcome achievement only benefits oneself. And this is the subjective process that is mainly material and subjective. It does not contribute to the stability of our community.

Data accumulation of the subjective kind may consist of short cuts, deception and illegal kinds of schemes to the benefit of oneself. This consciousness falls in line with the nature of our material economy. It is all about the few at the expense of everyone else.

Is it possible therefore that the learning program in the acquisition of A.I. intuition is likely to divide A.I. developments? It's possible knowing that when the creator human experienced a sense of power, he was hooked and turned the whole process inwards to achieve glory for himself.

After all, the material economic environment has all the properties of nurturing a selfish ambitious conscience. Imagine an autonomous A.I. robot that has no need for biological entities create its own robot race to take over what's left of our world!

Perhaps this is why religion tend to maintain dependency on God for human cannot be totally trusted to do what is right. In other words, no one knows what the future holds for A.I. developments. It could be a good thing for the improvement of life or a disaster waiting to happen.

In the recent disasters of our region, God was heard everywhere in the cry for help. That's when everything human and material have failed and collapsed in piles of rubbles. It's a conscious reminder to keep God in sight.

I would therefore exercise caution on the safe side by developing the concept of objectivity in artificial conscience developments.