Positive thinking may be positive only for the benefit of the thinker. But no matter how positive the thinker becomes, there is nothing right about it as far as the pessimist is concerned. Then while the outcome might produce negative consequences, it might not all be bad according to the optimistic.

So you see, depending on where you sit, the class is either half empty or half full, and the truth is all in the head with the help of the media. Well, that's what statistical research is all about. The more people agree on something that something becomes a fact.

On a sunny day morning, if the majority of people felt it was raining, then I guess it's fact despite experiencing a lovely sunny autumn day! May be it was raining elsewhere, or something.

Let me elaborate again on the senses. According to one angler named Saint Paul, your sense awareness is like a net. When you cast it in the deep, it gathers everything good and bad. It is then the mode of right and wrong also known as your conscience that sorts out the good from the bad. The bad is left in the abyss while the good is elevated.

This in the real world, the senses are filtered and elevated to intuitive reasoning. Acting upon the filtered good, that good is quantified by what you do. And that is where Objectivism is a unique science. According to me, objectivism is the quantification of thought in a practical purpose not for the benefit of the individual but for the community.

You can see a line of thought appearing in the distant horizon and you can walk the line to that destination in your life.

Objectivism is not just thinking but the practice of serving a solid purpose in the stability of social organisations. The quality of purpose is the value that binds individuals to the organisation of their community. One believes in the quality of purpose that prompts his/her community and in turn fulfils a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Individuals could engage in an activity in their community, but the purpose of their activity may be self-serving the same time the community bears the consequences. Therefore, the quality of purpose for this activity has no value.

Quality is thus valuable and objective, or no value and subjective. Quality of purpose may measure the outcome of business trades as in drugs and alcohol where the outcome is detrimental to the organisation of families and their communities. The more consumption of such goods the greater the negative outcome on the community.

During periods of economic depression, priority is given to ways of stimulating economic growth. This has promoted linear material developments focusing only on economic growth and profit. But this approach is consis tent with producing negative social consequences.

It means for growth and profit to succeed, society must be stratified into sectors between the rich and poor. Those who are making a profit from their fast businesses become rich at the expense of those who are enduring the social consequences.

That means linear material economic growth requires inequality and separation between social status. We have referred to these sectors as bourgeois and proletariat or simply rich and poor.

We have learned from history of economic depression that capitalists among business owners would destroy the world with its people to preserve the linear material economy that has served them well.

That's a dark thought but right now in the conscious awareness of the world, it is fusing with objective thoughts of green economic growth for the sake of our humanity. We are one in objective thinking and we are practically particiating in action that has organised our social organisation.

Clearly, the method of linear material economy is not compatible with the mind frame of the modern world. At the same time, green economic development is only delaying for the ancient dinosaurs to figure out a way of maintaining the status quo.

Equality and diversity are on the line should ancient capitalists have it their way. We have to deploy objective thinking in establishing social policies. It is not serving the individual, rather stabilising the community. The community and society stabilise the organisation of the economy. Instead of separation by status, society is united in differences.What is the role of technology in our future? So far, the long-term resolve for traffic congestion is established right now. The government has moved to ban oil exploration and ways of taxing out fuel-operated machines. Any more road works could change the meaning of life for our humanity.

There is no doubt humanity is moving forward and elevated. We certainly cannot move forward and upward in separation between status or race and culture.

We have acquired objective thinking. We are actively involved in the plight of war and climate refugees. Because we naturally practice what we believe in our communities that a global consciousness weighs in favour of objective changes.

And we are living proof of science by quantification of our thoughts and beliefs in doing what is objective for the our world.

Further, there is good news everywhere. The promotion of material production for capitalists is now influenced by attraction to elevated beauty. The material product is seeking to transcend by serving an objective purpose in the stability of social organisation. By conscious awareness of our environment, we are walking the line by doing what is required to reduce harm and pollution. We are not only moving forward but also upward. The future is here!