Just for the record, Love as we know it has now lost its value. In our brave modern world, Love cannot be distinguished from lust. And I know a major religion that claims marriage is not based on Love. I have suggested transcending love away from the material kind which means some unions are merely sex partners.

Anyway, you know that kind of feeling when you are excluded from a group because of your ethnicity, or religion or gender? It's subtle and implicit yet emotionally felt. While this aspect is an attitude, its deployment has disadvantaged a lot of people in reality. It has subjected fear, shame and illness to the point of losing lives.

I have derived this social aspect from class attitudes associated with race or nationalism. This negative aspect has had its days but in light of the #MeToo movement has flared up once again.

This time it seems if you are a European woman, you have valid access to social services such as housing, education, health and welfare. But your case is promoted and advanced as a victim therefore you are likely to be compensated for alleged historical crime. But if you are a non-European male, you are making up negative statistics of those with social needs and classified as perpetrator.

Then your life is analysed by a government funded socialist group to collect statistics and monitor your existence as to any help that may be given to you. Your existence justifies funding to that private socialist group as you are captured and monitored a consumer of social services such as health, parole, housing or education.

You see, the social aspect is negative and subjective yet it is appropriated to subdue a sector of the population. Its socialist aspect is based on the fact that it's funded by taxpayer revenue and its subjective aspect has developed the social relations of the economy.

In that we have not a Socialism economy, but a Socialist one. Socialism is based on consumer behaviour, Socialist is based on control. The female sector is promoted and funded by tax revenues, the male sector is demoted and serviced by the socialist sector. Women are recipients of tax revenues and owners of socialist controll groups; men are subhjects of socialist groups. The major economic development is social relations based on that exclusive attitude.

And the catalyst is that toxic gender bind generating relations of a dark economy,

And the socialist economy is wholly based on tax payer revenue distributed on the bases of gender and a control. You see, the self-appointed rulers of society have subdued society by psycho aspects and redirected tax revenues to her favour.

The generations of the socialist economy target men in management positions among those with potentials. And you would experience this on the front line where an exceptional worker all of a sudden receives personal complaints about his behaviour or his work. And soon enough, a good male worker is coerced out of a prominent position.

A subjective social aspect based on a nationalistic attitude is now strengthen by a toxic gender bind. This dark entity has made itself a recipient of your tax revenue. It's not a socialism organisation when the dark entity rules by psycho control of subjects but a force executed by personal complaints and alleged historical crimes imposing guilt, shame, and fear.

What does this mean for society? If you look at the concept of Love and marriage, it can only mean another descending step down the spiral.

LIts psycho control - subjective attitude - and public funding makes this organisation a socialist regime. Now Socialism is based on economic behaviour that can be reversed in time. But the socialist development is irreversible and subjects die with a psycho illness.

The negative social is sure to attract tribal opposition but mostly to impact negative consequences on the family, children, violence and crime. I'm predicting the rate of suicide to continue to climb under this government. And for men, temporary jobs and accommodations becomes the norm.

I have used the socialist term not only because of the class attitude but the subjective aspect has become the basis of the economy. It is a socialist economy by transfer of tax payer funds to social groups in the organisation of society.

And to maintain the socialist economy, is where perpetrators among real victims are created and maintained - blames and accusations. There has to be a supply of victims requiring the demand for perpetrators which justifies the existent of such a movement as #MeToo.

You see, this economy is based on subjective social relations, but social relations of subjective attitudes demand controversial management.

Once, we believe in attempting to make a good living not without making an honest mistake. But now, we are subjected to toxic bind of consciousness to ensure class maintenance. The toxic bind of gender is like a dark religion.

I know the Catholic Church liberate the individual to make informed decisions. But in our modern world, we are stagnated in a static position of dependency. It's like driving forward in reverse and soon you'll have a stiff neck and crash. The reality of our socialist economy that is volatile in chaos.

For a while we believe we are organised by equality and diversity. But exclusion because of gender and disadvantaged by a poison bind is simply unreal. Now we expect all women of the world to invest their money in social projects where men are chastised. And all of a sudden, the tribal wagon is a comfortable ride.

You know you could be doing an exceptionally good job at work only to find out that some people have made unfounded complained about you. I know it's nothing new to bullies and political groups, but this is the type of environment expected of social relations of a chaotic economy. Toxic!

LThere is no chance of diversity or equality to develop under this toxic. Worse, volatility is normal as investments are more likely to check out temporary developments. And Temporary ls a better term for the moment suitable for a socialist government.

Bring back Trump!