If there's a time to trust a robot more than human, I'm the first to admit this is the one time. 'Gas Quicktune Performance & Economy Programmer Chip' when installed in your car monitors and collect data to optimize the smooth running of your vehicle. It adds a bit of torque and saves 15 per cent of petrol.

It's already serving to reduce environmental pollution and that is a computer objective outcome.

I can think of ordinary folks who know very little about cars; the ones who have become easy targets for mechanical cowboys. This computer chip will save them money from unnecessary costs to their vehicles and adds satisfaction to driving.

Happy drivers may be inspired to look after their vehicles and drive responsibly on the road. The list goes on for computer objective outcomes. It adds real value to the organisation of the community.

It's very easy to intall. Simply plug the Quicktune Chip into the Diagnosic Plug below the steering wheel; turn the key to 'ON' position and leave it for fourty five minutes. Come back after that and drive to your normal routines. Simple as that.

I have recently bought and tried a car tuning computer chip on my 2004 Acura RSX S-Type 2L. 'Type R' is a racing car and 'Type S' is a sports one; both exactly the same. The car is popular among 'boy racer' but I am not a boy racer. I only replaced my wheels and tyres along with struts for safety reasons and besides I like the shape of it.

Anyway, the 'Gas Quicktune Performance & Economy Programmer Chip'smooths the running of your engine and adds a bit more torque while saving you petrol.

That's exactly what mechanics used to do when tuning your engine; they fiddle with sparks plugs and cables along with ignition coils, air and petrol mixture that usually costs around $250 and more. Still, you don't even know what was done to your engine when you get it back.

But the chip performs magic by getting into and clear mixtures between electronic and petrol connections of your engine that no human can ever reach.

It's only about 2in X 1in and you don't even have to open the bonnet to fit it. It is easy and simple any one can do it.

It monitors the engine while you're driving and makes the necessary tune for optimum performance. It needs about 250 km of mileage for the chip to collect data and tune your engine.

And the week after installation I have noticed the difference. It responds faster, smoother and cruise running like a babe. It has given me the enthusiasm to look after my car more.

I strongly recommend it to anyone who doesn't know much about cars, especially those folks who make easy targets for mechanical cowboys. You know, those who will tell you the cost of something after looking at you. All of a sudden they'll find some major fault in your engine or body part to fail your WOF, and they make up the cost by looking at you.

No more humiliation at the local carriage, the robot is here to help you.

At $100NZ, it comes with instructions and certain to save you mechanical bills and petrol.

It's not a universal one, it's only available for certain vehicles from 1996. You have to check the 'Gas Quicktune Performance Programmer Chip' that is suitable for your vehicle. There's a form where you can type in your vehicle details such as Make, model, year etc, and it will list suitable vehicles for the Quicktune Chip. If your vehicle is not listed, try another search, one for your vehicle and another for the Quickrtune Chip.

I have never heard of any mechanics recommend the magic chip but you can understand why. The chip will put them out of their jobs.

The magic chip is sold online by a Canadian company on Ebay. The price is reduced and it's freepost although this might change. It takes about two weeks to arrive.

You have to be careful because there a few imitator products that might look bright and real but don't do anything.

Good driving!