Changes from within was often referred to social changes of character by changing one's behaviour. And that is usually from a bad behaviour to a good behaviour. It involves the changing of values and perseverance in practice.

In today's terms, changes from within refer to a collective conscience. Well the conscious collective is a general term given to general awareness of common standards, but the collective conscience is more pure and quantified by an objective outcome.

Feminism is an authoritarian regime that deploys blackmail and controversies as weapons of coercion and control of the people who are mainly men of status; non-white men and women who are seen as intelligent and wealthy.

The regime is a coordinated network among government agencies and services. They take advantage of their positions and authority in public office to further their cause.

The regime is reinforced by individuals including white men in private corporations. And the outlook for feminism appears more of a systemic strategy to uphold the status quo than for women.

Just before the Weinstein scandal, general awareness was focused on the issue of colour women not getting the same promotions and opportunities as white women. Then all of a sudden, the rich white women with their network on the media turned the scandal around and now it's about her.

Business corporations have employed scientists to form counter arguments to support their denial of climate change. At the same time, you never really hear a constructive proposition from the feminism regime to support measures for reducing climate change.

While she is intoxicated by power, the ordinary folk is left helpless in her wake. The folks are disadvantaged from services such as housing, healthcare, education and from employment and promotional opportunities.

While we are left fearful of the future, we are blinded by smokescreens of climate change and equality. Because we the people did not vote for this invasive authoritarian regime; it is breaching our social and democratic rights.

Make no mistake about it now; the feminism authoritarian regime is part of capitalism network in support of market determination of our social life.

I have referred those who are targeted and disadvantaged by feminism the term folk. These are ordinary people minding their own business and attempting to live an honest life amidst the struggles they have found themselves in.

And this is the platform of believers and atheists alike who make up the collective. They are honest citizens trying their ordinary best to support their families. Their collective effort gives rise to their community maintenance. They may follow traditional politics but would also vote in accordance to their circumstances and time.

These folks according to me are referred to as the people. The people are aware of their circumstances share their awareness with others in the same position. When a portion of their members is affected by social changes, they unite in solidarity with their fellow members. Their unity gives rise to a cause for a movement as their voice is raised through the vote for social change.

The collective awareness might capture an image of helpless situation to raise awareness and ignite a chain reaction. And this is the mystery of social changes that is sparked from within. No one individual is leading and everyone is on-board with the shared struggle.

Now the former group of feminism and her follower is pro capitalism in favour of the status quo. The latter group is a conscious collective.

I have referred to the conscious collective as more political including capitalists and corporations. The collective conscience on the other hand is triggered by awareness of suffering and doing something objective about it.

This means that atheists may also have reasonable conscious objectives that are free from anti religion and anti-culturalism. But they may have other reasons for change.

Considering the similarity of issues that we globally share, the West seriously needs to look at ways of taming Capitalism. This requires the people to vote in their best interests for diversity and democracy. They need to raise awareness of issues of climate change and social consequences of economic reformation.

We need to look at the ecological and social consequences of material economies. We need to look at how financial decisions are affecting the means of sustaining our lives. We need to look at how corporations are influencing local political decisions.

And it has been proven over time and time that the people have the power through vote to achieve social changes.

Neo Liberation is the rule of the market. It maximises profit by reducing employment and social services. The ideology has also given rise to material behaviour that has led to illness, violence and crime. Financial and social consequences are direct cause of our struggles.

Market social relations are generated by feminists and corporations directed at the driving guilt to the people. And through shame and guilt the people are driven to buy material products.

The conscious effort of the market imposes guilt upon the people in return for a profit. But the collective conscience of the people would exceed the material imposition to achieve a collective good.

When the people can reason passed the provocative issues of climate change, diversity and poverty that a global consensus can be met. It's a matter of filtering genuine issues from propaganda on social media. But the collective conscience works best by awareness.

It's a super phenomenon achievement for the world to agree on social and ecological issues of climate change and market determination of our lives.