Watching the grass grows may refer to boredom but thinking seriously about it, we can try but it's impossible unless you have technological set up to record it in time. However if you mow the lawns at the weekend, by next week you'll notice the grass has grown. And there you will never see the grass blossoming in front of your face but would notice it has grown in time.

That is like social developments. While I was growing up, I noticed certain things are forbidden and considered crime. Later in life, those things have slowly changed from forbidden to legalisation. And before you know it, it has become an essential part of life that some wouldn't live without it.

Liberalism is the ideological energy driving material changes to what we think its progressive advancement. We may or may not see these initial growths on ground level until later when we see for ourselves the social consequences.

What is material liberalism aiming to achieve and where will it achieve that goal? Material Liberalism or Material Freedom is removing the individual's bind from traditions of culture and religion. These are the values stabilising the social organisation of society.

Yet in the modern, individuals believe they are liberating themselves from the rule by disestablishing social institutions of society. But this movement had become the driving force for economic developments.

And economic success therefore is when the individual has gained material wealth and free him/herself from the binds of society. It is moving wealth and resources away from society to the rule of the individual. But it doesn't end there; the individual continues to thin him/herself to Nothingness.

When the disestablishment of social institutions and the basic values upholding society is completed, Material Freedom continues to strip the material of the individual. It is ribbing out the basics of his/her heart and soul, the social and moral binds of being.

On the one end; we have state affiliation of corporations and on the other end; a women army of militant supporters smooth the way for Material Liberalism. And they succeed by demoralising figurehead and symbols of tradition.

Individual freedom is achieved when the material state takes over from the heart of social human. At the same time, the basis of the heart and soul is overwhelmed by the development of linear aspects of materialism. And the soul is transformed an abstract entity.

Formerly, the social human being is at home with social and moral values that stabilises society. Now, the abstract entity indulges in ambitious material desires. And this development paves the way for technological progress of the future.

The march of Liberalism or Material Freedom began by conquering communities and societies and down to the seat of the individual and his/her entity. It is now setting its battle towards the abstract of technology. Its victories have left our original social human being disintegrated and vanished in thin air. Nothingness!

In the absence of communities and social values of being, the modern consists of ambitious entities. It's a stand of one for oneself in the rule of the jungle.

Each time a material milestone is achieved, a part of the social human is thinned to the descending layer of Nothingness. It is the forte of the young the battlefield of the strong.

Then like grass grows, no one knows the time and hour of changes; we notice in time the consequences. It is much like climate change. We are informed by corporate media that nothing is happening. But we see and feel for ourselves millions of people rescued from environmental disasters.

Perhaps a fortuitous momentous occasion when our world is destroyed the same time our humanity has given way to abstract entities; without feelings and emotions we might face total destruction without pain.

Getting back to tradition, why would the older generation place barriers around certain things? Well, I think this was for protection of the very people demanding their liberation. They don't see it coming when they are full of themselves.

You see, like grass you cannot see it growing in front of your face. But in time you can clearly see the changes. Material liberalism has grown in time and now it's too liberal we cannot live together in a stable organisation without encroaching upon everyone else's rights.

For some, their material freedom has become too powerful they don't even notice the impact it's having on others. At the same time, a group in numbers is powerful enough to force their hand upon everyone else and dictate the terms of living.

Like all objective social and moral values, they are designed to stabilise social organisation for the peace and protection of their members. But what's implicit in this development is the internal nurturing of solid character. But as individuals are blinded by their ambitious freedom, they become too diverse. So we sit back and watch as establishments and institutions crumbled under Liberal rule.

For peace and safety, it's time for a serious diverse organisation of society. Those who wish to abort, have same sex unions, have drugs or choose their baby's genetic make-up should live in their own communities and have their fetishes legalised according to their collective. It is better for them than having their desires imposed as law upon everyone else.

In this way, everyone has the freedom and liberty to choose how they live and at the same time not encroaching upon anyone else. Co-existence works when we are not the same.