My Social Relations is based on the closest 'form' of reality; the connection between mind, body and spirit. Reality is not the body alone; not the mind alone and not the spirit alone. For each unit to come to being has to serve an objective function in the holistic integration.

We all involve our minds and emotions in the making of decisions. Each decision is initiated from the a postiori or ground up experience of our feelings and senses; is then filtered by the a priori principle or top down reasoning to quantify the objective into being. The opposite is true of a decision initiated from the top down, it must be quantified by an objective outcome.

It is not a perception when the person is thinking and feeling about his/her act. But this process is corrupted by the domination of our material desires. The mind and spirit filter is overwhelmed and thus for some, reality is what one feels like or desires to do.

Because we don't physically see the mind and spirit doesn't mean they don't exist. It is the material domination of our minds and spirit that reality must only exist in the physical or material form.

When one unit serves to fulfil own end, it has deviated from the objective cause of being to a subjective entity.

And this goes for the mind and spirit themselves. If we are locked in our minds, the world is an abstract that has no objective purpose for human. The spirit also remains subjective if it cannot be quantified into objective acts of being.

A value can be both objective and subjective. And objective value serves to achieve an objective outcome towards the improvement of the quality of life and stability of society. A subjective value on the other hand is self-serving; to satisfy a selfish need for the individual. It is usually the achievement of material desires that leads to addiction and illness.

For example: subjective value is where one may value work for the purpose of buying drugs and alcohol in order to satisfy his/her fix; objective value is where one values work for the purpose of maintaining the health and wellbeing of his her family.

The collective of individuals who value work for their own ambitions is a subjective organisation. The collective that value work for their families forms the organisation of their community. The former collective is led by their desires and material ambitions. The latter collective is led by their conscious realisation of their work, their families and their community.

Clearly, populous values only serve to enhance illness and destruction; collective values enhance the quality of life and stability of society.

I am now referring to the former as the populous collective and the latter as the conscious collective. Then again, both collectives are conscious of their environment. But the difference is; the populous collective is conscious of own material desire or instincts; the conscious collective is rational intuition for the community.

So there are different values at work in the organisation of society. The populous collective is organised by their similar values in their own group; just as the conscious collective is organised also by their similar values. While their respective values are opposite from the other, their difference is fit for unity in the organisation of society.

As per normal, the populous collective is a platform for the media launching of political and economic projects. It is delivered by propaganda of controversies that the media attracts the populous collective to perpetuate proliferation of their goal. This is obvious in social media in the collection of public opinions which are no more than subjective opinions. At the same time, the conscious collective remains silent. Just remember that the mind and spirit may not be seen but quantified by objective action.

While the populous collective is out loud and bold on issues, the conscious collective is usually silent. But that doesn't mean they are not thinking about issues. The sleeping giant as it were usually wakes to change the course of political and economic direction. And once more, the sleeping giant stands on objective direction of moral and social decisions for the sake of society.

I think the biggest problem the world has is when both groups attempt to unite on similar values. They would never meet that end. For example, men and women will never be the same. Instead they are more objectively united in their difference.

Diversification therefore looks like smaller groups that are organised by their shared values, and their difference unites them among others in the organisation of society.

Polarisation is social organisation according to culture, political following or economics standing. Individual units are racially profiled and singled out to highlight their race or culture and their social status. Individuals are made subjects to highlight social issues and society is thus classified according to racial and economic profiling. Rather in diverse organisation, the individual has the freedom to choose his/her following based on what he/she values.

While the free choice to smoke may influence one's decisions to follow a certain group, it is typical of the populous collective when one is enslaved by addiction. That is why Material Freedom is subjective in the nature of the populous collective when led by desires.

However, there are no boundaries between different groups as individuals become aware of their social standings decide to change their values. Access to the conscious collective is the desire to change for the better.