Thinning is stripping off that human aspect from social relations bit by bit until the raw material is exposed. We have witnessed this material progression first hand from the leader of the most advanced nation of the world. Without the warm coat of dignity and curtesy is outright cold insults.

The trouble is there are people who would excuse the behaviour as economic relations. No doubt, the promotion of economic relations is nothing short of raw materialism within the framework of Pure Capitalism.

It is a state where human aspects are considered uneconomic therefore not required. The so-called social relations of the economy are thus no longer social but raw materialistic. This has already integrated by media promotions that has managed to subdue the rational portion of the mind.

In the absence of the thinking mind, the potential consumer becomes a material entity reacting on instincts. When it sees or hears and smells something profitable, the entity lavish the opportunity with heighten desires.

And the subjective world of entities is accumulating social consequences of material economic relations in prisons, in hospitals and dole queues among the homeless.

This is because material units and entities of economic production live in the subjective world, but are judged according to the laws of the human social and rational world. Those making up the prison population among the homeless are the most productive under material consumption standards by following their instincts and desires. They are true to material nature of the pure economy.

The problem is, the government in office endorses human social relations, but the mainstream media is viewing reality from pure capitalism perspective. I have failed to find an objective media representation of social issues. Between far right and LGBT advocates, there is not much else in between.

Take the issue of 'free speech' for instance; nearly all of the media including some who have called themselves lefties have approved of personal expression of raw materialism. But at the same time, a lot of people from the public have voiced disapproval of such behaviour in recent international events.

On the one hand, the authority in place is making sense of the act under human social relations and on the other hand, advocates of raw materialism are also true to their inhuman nature.

In the former, the authority is considering the social consequences of raw materialism upon society as damaging and costly. The cost outweighs profit if any by addressing social consequences in prison, in hospital and homeless as well as the effects of violence and crime.

In the latter, it's pretty hard for an entity dominated by his/her instinctual desires to consider the consequences of his/her action.

It's not ok to normalise institutional racism when most entities making up the prison population among the unemployed and homeless are non-Europeans.

Debate of social issues is healthy especially towards co-existence. But debate in the last thousand years is not debate but a wooden horse in conquering the consumer for material economic exploitation.

This debate has always been dictated by the far right who happened to advocate for the rights of business exploitation of consumers. They have sought to destroy any barrier between potential consumers and their production. So in a way, the debate is paving the way for the establishment or extension of a material market for business. And that is why there is hardly any media promoting human social relations on the left.

Between the two opposing forces, it appears that material progress seeks to advance the material means of life; and at the same time, social progress seeks to advance the social means of human life. There are no moral standards determining their outcomes. Material progress spits out the raw material; social progress spits out the linear entity.

And there we have a society of uniformed sectors true their own pure type. As long as a group satisfies its own need, there are no human social relations. It's a bit like a suspect of a crime. One is interrogated without explanation and when the police find what they are looking for, they just dump him on the street. 'May be not but I'm only making a point'.

You see, the material relations of the economy are inhuman, raw and cold. There are no human social relations.

The progress of opposing forces therefore while changing the nature of the material object itself, the outcome is in fact stripping the aspects of social human. This is the process of 'Thinning' according to me.

I guess you know what's coming! Can social human nature restore itself by uniting with other types and entities? Yes, it is called Diversity. But first they have to drop that hateful speech and inhuman behaviour in order to unite.

The restoration of human social relations is transcended of material entities and pure types into being. It means that humans irrespective of who they are have a heart and mind. When you have a heart and mind, the moral or principle standard is written within.

It's attempting to balance developments by introducing a top down approach. We are not simply led by our instincts and desires to perpetuate propaganda of material production. Rather we are adding meanings and values to material production. It is where the social organisation of the material means of sustaining life is a struggle of opposing but equal forces.

It's beautiful when growth is vertically upright, a change from the zigzagging periods of horizontal developments.

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