It was generally known that Socialism is where society's resources is publicly owned. But what was not generally known is that Socialism has its own dominating class. This is the layer I have referred to as the socialist aspect of Socialism.

In the normal cause of events, it is the capitalists and owners of the means of production that dominate the working class. You see, the capitalists and owners of the means of production are on the right of the spectrum, oppose the working class on the left. But in here, the working class is dominating the lower paid workers also on the left of the spectrum! How solidarity is that?

The poor folks trusted their comrades with their lives and had settled with menial jobs and low maintenance abodes believing they're onto a good thing.

They continue to endure the social consequences of economic reformation which have become the means of sustaining the structure of that socialist class. You know; doctors, nurses, counsellors, teachers, child carers and etc., make up that privileged elite working class.

Socialism is now consisting of the usual middle class and within it is the elite class. But still at the bottom of the heap are the usual suspects making up the Underclass.

Only a couple of years ago under linear Capitalism, the private sector party evicted the Underclass on the streets during the housing crisis. Now under Socialism, the so-called public sector has kept the Underclass out of classrooms and hospitals.

That's not all; when the Underclass squirms from pain of ailments in the cold on the street, the white wing militants command to normalise institutional racism as a right of free speech. The poor and sick Underclass are now tied up and silenced!

The middle class of opposing sectors are demanding for themselves shares of the resources while the now firmly established Underclass is silently squeezed under the table. I wonder if there should be a season called 'fall' to mark the celebration of crumps falling from above and for the silent Underclass to rejoice in thanksgiving and gratefulness during fall. But knowing the state of private accumulation and socialist greed, nothing will fall from above, only psycho impositions and contaminated hail. You can bet your bottom dollar on it!

You know when Socialism is embarked upon a business enterprise; you cannot distinguish it from the capitalist class of the private sector. Prefab Housing for example is only targeting the top earners, and at the same time, it is also built by the same sector.

However due to political expectations, both parties are now separated by a channel reflected by the condition of public services and private wealth. And thus Socialism is resorted to upgrading infrastructure and services while the private sector on own wealth accumulation.

How then can you equalise a middle class cross between the private and public sector is a dynamic progression between paradigms. At the very moment, a type of paradigm is obvious in the so-called alliance mentality. When one loud fella yells over there, the fellas over here jump to the tune of billions while everything else urgent or not is put on hold.

And there is nothing substantial to the blind faith, only a restoration of tariffs that would increase the cost of production and imports. The paradigm mentality has surfaced among the patriarchal mates and providing obstacles of disestablishment to modern progress.

The ancient paradigm serves to be its own enemy when in the modern, progress searches to bridge the gaps between differences. And obviously Diversity is a better prospect for peace than any other systems before now. But the allied paradigm that had decorated the memory of combat has shown hostility to peaceful developments by raising awareness of strategic security and arms trade.

This so-called strategy was popular in early stages of developing Capitalism and the very nature of the status quo. But time had served its purpose in modernising human from the rule of the jungle to realise the end is nigh. And the only real threat to human civilisation is depletion and extinction due to climate change and fossil fuel. It has given rise to the fate of refugees, a major issue that has threatened stability of global organisation.

The distortion of time mentality is likely to stall diversity as sensitive sentiments harbour on developments.

However, let's face the fact that the Underclass is as solid as a rock under both parties. It is therefore better to admit it and acknowledge its share of contributions to the economy especially through social capital. It thus deserves to allocate it access and development for the better as part of society.

The mobility of this sector can contribute to the equalisation of the middle layer on opposing sides. The middle class is dynamic during economic fluctuations, but the Underclass remains solidly static. Thus the usual suspects gets it whether rain or shine, private or public.

What could happen if there was no Underclass? In the absence of blame, people might be free to be responsible. And the opposing forces are more likely to generate vertical growth of something new. The current environment of digital initiatives provides the best opportunity to nurture creative developments of the future. And equality is a social establishment lacking crime and violence and at the same time more people at work and at school. We might also find less need for a hospital bed.

Diversity is the rock of foundation of the future that equalises differences.