For pain, one feels a dark sensation in the body as he/she experiences fear, panic and helplessness. Pain is generally defined as an unpleasant feeling caused by physical damage. I've heard that someone has been able to measure certain degrees of pain present in the body. Will he/she be able to measure emotional and psychological pain too?

In My Social Relations, pain is an autonomous reaction to harm. Harm is defined in my previous article, Linear Subjectivism. The senses heighten the feeling to draw an emotional response before the mind analyses the condition for a more rational cause of action. This happens when the subject calms down. But during the initial reaction, pain sensation is experienced and characterised by hurting, panicking, nausea, dizziness, fear, helplessness, anger, retaliatory and hopeful for a quick recovery.

In our adversarial social world, blame is the catalyst for causing pain. A targeted subject is set up for blame, one; to relieve the guilty from guilt and liability, two; to subjugate and gain control over a targeted subject. The process of transferring pain to a targeted host causes harm.

For political and personal struggles, power fanatics indulge in pleasure of imposing harm upon targeted individuals. Blame is a powerful tool promoted and perpetuated by the media for maximum effect. And the use of power to impose pain for pleasure is an act of Pure Evil.

The powerful glorification of evil behaviour has encouraged individuals to blame others as a method for dealing with issues of social struggles. For as long as they are under the spell of evil, they are deprived from the opportunity to learn normal survival skills. But when the evil network fails to come to the party that the individual is isolated in a dangerous position.

Adversity is basic to social relations of our social world. Whether one is at work; church; play; school; fishing; cooking or where ever, blame follows. Evil is everywhere and one could be blamed for being at anywhere place or time, for speaking, for standing, walking, someone needs to be powerful.

In so doing, subjects who became victims were targeted because of their culture and gender resulting with the loss of jobs, loss of family and friends and their homes.

The evil condition for transfer of pain is when a fanatic follower craves to satisfy his/her power fix. The condition becomes toxic and contaminated when a target is alone and isolated. But a powerful execution of pain imposition is heightened by media propaganda a public persecution. In addition, the media itself distorts this as a right under freedom of speech.

However, getting back to 'It's Not Ok To Harm' (INOTH) another person irrespective of culture or gender, the harm effects of blame is physical, emotional and mental pain. The subject is targeted because of his/her culture and gender; also a human right violation.

Now, someone has to step in and claim that harm and discrimination precede freedom of speech. That means you cannot target blame on another person for the reason of imposing harm upon him or her. You have your freedom of speech but you can't use it for evil or harmful reasons.

And that implies verbal abuse, written abuse, the use of photos, images, graphics, symbols and caricatures to demean, distort or misrepresent another person or group. Blame, distort, or demean another person is effecting harm resulting with pain. INOTH therefore also implies digital abuse.

When people personalise public and social issue it is no longer a right. The effect of harm upon a person becomes personal matters for the court to decide. Public and social issues are matters for the community where individual have rights of representative. Individuals have right of free speech in public and social issues but personal is private.

The adverse relations of class struggles encourage individuals to be personal with social issues. But at the same time, it is not a right to impose pain and harm upon anyone; verbal, physical or emotional which include the use of images or digital abuse.

Public and social issues are usually the result of systemic failure. In this way, the individual has a right to express him/herself about the public issue and the system in place but not imposing harm or pain upon another (private).

However, since isolated individuals are susceptible to critical condition of pain, they are more likely to survive when in groups. Their so-called pain is transferred to the group by identifying the social issue in the content of the system in place. It is not your personal pain, rather it is the community's concern. I believe this pain is taking over mostly by community voluntary groups caring for a universal client base more than targeted groups.

Adverse effect resulting from harm and pain are not only measurable but also tangible. It is evidential of symptoms of pain and their medical costs.

In perspective; the bourgeoisie blame the proletariat but the proletariat has no other class below it to blame therefore blame itself. People in upper echelons tend to blame people in lower social economic sectors a lot. Their political ideologies of blame and punishment for failures of the system in place is typical of old political dinosaurs and their archival ideologies.

And with blame firing from the top and around, it is more than likely that people in poorer sectors are forced to own issues personally that traps them in ideal conditions to foster harm and pain.

On the matter of pain, it would be ideal for robots to react rationally to the cause of pain. It should serve a reminder to fellow humans but serving an example of a cool head under toxic pressure.