I have always maintained that statistics do not produce objective outcomes other than to propose a probability. However, for some, this probability is taken seriously as fact. Not only so, but this fact is now considered the basis of binding decisions, a value in the formation of social organisation.

As a basis of universal values for example; what is considered a value is common and shared among the people. But a survey of a 60/40 outcome is where the 60 percent majority's opinion is considered a universal outcome.

And follows that 60 percent of those surveyed had black hair and 40 percent had brown. Black hair is therefore universal according to the survey. (undisclosed).

Instead, it should be read, 6 out of 10 people have black hair. But even so, the 100 percent surveyed do not in reality represent the rest of the world. The probability therefore is a likely outcome and not an objective outcome at all.

Linear is a single dimension immediately following from the same line of posterities. For example, an apple tree is originated from the same line of apple trees. An apple tree does not follow from a line of orange trees. And to conclude the logic, the orange tree therefore is not an apple tree. And implies that a linear material is a subjective unit that cannot produce a dynamic outcome, like an apple tree producing an orange!

Universal values is a common value shared among all irrespective of the colour of their hair, gender, age or culture. It is not restricted only to those with black hair. The linear method and topic of research therefore is not compatible with universal values.

Those with black hair are privileged to represent society while others with brown hair are excluded although the same people are from the same society. And objective outcome is achieved when everyone irrespective of their culture, gender or age is represented by the value. That is binding!

Upon the same pure logic I claimed that the material economy is linear subjective because it serves only the needs of the material body including dreams, wishes and desires. It doesn't serve the needs of the mind and spirit of holistic human being.

Now, take something serious as harm and the value follows that it is not ok to harm another person. Everyone irrespective of the colour of his or her hair; culture; age and gender, agree that it is not ok to harm another person.

Harm includes bullying, harassment, sexual innuendoes, assault or even isolation from inclusion. The effects of harm may result with stress and depression, disease and illness, hurting physically and emotionally, and could lead to suicide. Other effects may be long term including anger and antisocial behaviour.

We have been confronted by subtle violence among methods for minimisation through generations after generations still; the issue remains stubborn. It is promised to raise its head during election campaigns to follow promises of funding a socialist industry. It is also a popular subject of political gender agenda and struggles.

So what is the common value that is uniting many different people to protect themselves from harm? Well, Benign Love has rather worn out in our modern language because it is not only linear to physical desires, but also associated with anti-religion sentiments. But something different like 'It's Not Ok To Harm' [INOTH] could capture the social media consciousness.

I am a religious person but don't worry, I understand the sentiment.

The image should share light in feelings of hurting physically and emotionally. The symbol should empower those who suffered harassments in the hand of their bosses, colleagues, teachers, students, parents, family members, gangsters and their pernicious behaviour.

Thus INOTH not only becomes a value but a universal value that transcends cultures, genders and age.

However, INOTH is yet another name for the same old issue of violence and abuse in a different time. We are introduced to higher learning only to be imposed of violence as a power to rule a people. First, Colonisation was a civilised mission where rape under modern term is universal. A tool of war, rape has played a part in war strategies.

Then world wars extended the seed of violence in the DNA. And the seed has become a pillar in the structure of power, is descended from generations upon generations. There is no doubt that there is a direct link between class structure and violence in society. And until the ruler looks in the mirror, the victims among innocents continue to bear the brunt of violence.

'It's Not Ok To Harm' anyone whether verbal, physical, emotional, mental or psychological. You see, the issue is intertwine in the holistic person.

First, the social structure is prompt by organising the means of survival. This includes education, work, housing, health and welfare. Second, the administration of rules must involve fair justice. And thirdly, the individual must have time for social leisure to spend with his/her family, loved ones and friends.

And you see, violence is passed down from previous generation and maintained by the organisation of the means of survival. To weed off this defective strand is to starve it to death by not preserving its environment.

You better believe it! Preserving the environment for pernicious growth is suffocating the functions of the mind. This is by fulfilling only the physical and emotional desire in a linear subjective world. But the holistic person has a mind.

In the absence of the mind, individuals begin to feel their selfish needs are more important and universal values. And as long as they are happy, who cares!

That is why I wholeheartedly agree with the struggle for equality. But until other women and men irrespective of their culture and age produce an objective outcome, a linear subjective proposal is not universal.

Wait til you see the survey about happiness. It somehow shows how much modern mind has descent the spiral of no return.