We are here, the scientific and tangible world that you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. The material and physical world of everything including humans among creatures. And anything outside the material boundary is either unscientific or schizophrenic.

The problem is when you see an object; an image of that object is stored in your memory. You may not see the object now but you can still see the image of the object in your memory. On seeing, hearing, smelling touching and tasting the object would trigger feelings. Feelings associate with events you experienced that you are conscious of in your emotions. And a whole new world is opened up outside the parameters of the so-called material world.

Since this new world is outside the boundaries of the material, shall we then call it unscientific or unreal and schizophrenia?

No! In this new world, you might dream up some activities in your sleep. This dream activity is also stored in your memory. Later when you recall the event, the memory cannot distinguish the dream experience from the real. The memory therefore cannot be trusted to stabilise your so-called material reality.

Feelings and senses therefore remain aspects of the material. And since all these material aspects cannot stabilise reality, they are subjective.

In fact, the whole of the material world is temporary and nothing is stable. They are in a state of flux; they change all the time.

That is your ultimate reality. Capitalists, feminists, economists, corporatists, power fanatics, gangsters, politicians and some religions strive for the control of your world. They lock you up in the boundaries of the subjective material by controlling your feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions constitute your soul, therefore they own your soul.

And you are psychologically controlled by graphic and colourful images to either curb your behaviour or satisfy your desires. Traumatic relations include war, graphic images of violence, propaganda of controversies, celebrity news and etc.. And you are tossed to and fro in a swing of emotions as the whole world turns on its axis.

The generation and recreation of relations of your material subjective world has added another aspect in digital relations. It is making a complex of your memory the same time, your conscious mind is subdued by instincts.

Your subjective material world is linear because it is not only based on the material alone but also feeding the material aspects of your 'body' the physical.

However, human or some of us have a mind, a body and spirit, which are neglected by the subjective material world.

Some of the people in the subjective world do not know any other world besides the material. Others have tried and are still trying to enter the holistic world with no success. How I succeeded is a mystery to me, but when I did I had to use my mind real quick in order to survive.

Wil Smith's film 'Enemy of the State', 1998 is real in life experience of fear, trust, and paranoia. You have to learn how to think over your emotions and your instincts quickly. You have to think about the people you can trust. It is probably the only time you would want to be locked up in prison to feel safe.

The most enlightenment of the dark is coming face to face with the devil. You wouldn't believe the devil lives in the most trusting place close to you. It is revealed in the face of state agencies and could be the most trusting person you have ever known.

You learn about gatekeepers and their roles in education, social services, law, authorities and even religion. Some religions are purely capitalist systems taking advantage of your subjective nature.

You also learn about strange phenomena experiences beyond the material. And once more, you acquire a new sense that only you can understand. It is the intuitivre sense that also enables you to see the devil.

I established a voluntary organisation to help the community as I rehabilitate myself back to the material world. In time your fears and emotions are contained as you relearn to live in a corrupt world.

Gihtrust.co.nz and My Social Relations were therapeutic in making sense of the subjective experience. And you learn a lot about feelings and emotions. There is something else in here. The memory may not be able to distinguish the dream from the waking experience but the conscious mind can distinguish the right experience from the evil one. You can feel it and aware of it.

So, My Social Relations is validation of aspects of the subjective material to serve a purpose in an objective world. In the process. cleanse from the subjective is the only state of existence where you are liberated to make a free choice. Your conscious mind is aware of what ought to be right and your decisions are not influenced by desires of the material.

A very wise man recently told me about my case against a particular landlord. He said to present facts the best way I can. And if the adjudicator rule against me, can I live with the decision!

People can commit violence and crime and blame you in the cause of their desires in the underworld, but you can only do the best without losing yourself in the process. And that takes humility.

You will learn to see God just as you see the devil.