I have lost a job because of 'health and safety' concerns. For years I kept telling the doctors that my legs are weak and have a chronic cough. My eyes are also not the best. But all the doctors have done was prescribed medications and certified a clean bill of health.

I have not at all tried to get out of work to stay on a benefit. No, I like receiving a wage and earn my keep besides freedom and independence.

This year I have lost three jobs for the same reason of concern for my welfare - so they say. I have had a few near misses but it's mainly other workers' complaints that eventually, I became a liability and had to leave.

My immediate task now is to strengthen my legs and maintain a good diet while waiting for my eyes treatment. So I joined the local gym and started on the treadmill machine. I started walking with a bit of an effort for a while until I began to feel aches and pains. This feeling was overwhelming that I was thinking of quitting.

Before then, I started to think about why I'm in the gym and what happened at work as well as the lifestyle that work enables. Slowly I began to feel a sense of purpose and all of a sudden, I found the energy to keep walking longer the treadmill.

With this feeling of purpose and responsibility, I am now turning up at the gym as planned.

While the purpose is about me, getting back to work means that I am contributing to the work force, paying tax and help with service and organisation of society. It is a sense of purpose and responsibility. The outcome provides the means to sustain my lifestyle with positive impact upon my community.

As you can see, I am on a rehabilitation program. A major part of succeeding is objective thinking with a sense of responsibility. This has helped me feel good and provided the energy to continue. I am definitely feeling good with the effect of a work out, and beginning to feel strong in my legs.

My struggle was trying to sync my thoughts, my feelings and action. The process releases chemicals in the brain for a balance operation with body and mind.

What could happen to my feelings and physical body if the chemicals in my brain are insufficient? Would the brain release the chemicals if my mind was negative? Will I be objective or positive about the physical exercise if I was only doing it for selfish reasons?

If the mind, body and brain are not working in harmony that an objective outcome is unlikely to happen. It is natural when a balance operation is aimed at achieving an objective outcome.

I am not a physician or a doctor. I am going by learning from research and experience. I believe that addicts are genuinely struggling with their ordeals. The rehab program would involve unlearning old behaviour and habits to be replaced by new thinking, feeling and doing.

I can understand that some folks fail rehab due to many factors in the brain and feelings. But there is hope especially for alcoholics. I have just come across information about a therapy called 'The Sinclair Method'. It is a drug therapy taken an hour before drinking. Naltrexone is an opiate blocker. It blocks the chemicals that offset cravings and feelings for a drink.

There are serious implications in here. There is the rehab industry, the alcohol industry and the likely impact on hospitality and entertainment communities.

That is why Naltrexone should not be the major therapy for addiction; rather it should be an alternative treatment. And this treatment is run to support holistic therapy available for those likely suffering from mental illness. It should also be available for those who have understood their behaviour and are genuinely trying to change for the sake of their families.

This little pill will prove to reduce the prison population and save taxpayers billions and society from violence and crime. But the usual right wing camp is likely to oppose this wonder drug for the usual political reasons of locking them up and keeping them tainted by stigma.

It is time the right wing followers take the little pill themselves and come to realise that we are now in the 21st Century. The old ancient structure of the economy is costing more to run but only for the benefit of the few.

A modern green economy is inherent of health and safety methods for work and for the environment. It will prove to be more profitable when organised by healthy and happy people. But how can we change pessimistic into objectivism is only natural.

The saying 'its all in the mind' is true to the fact that when one thinks objectively that the brain releases chemicals to produce energetic feelings in motivation of that thought. Since objective thinking is about the community, everyone has a chance in life. His/her lot is not determined by status, race or culture.

BTW, the other major group in opposition to the little pill is medical professionals who are politically and economically motivated. I don't trust some doctors when there is a drug for everything. Doctor's fees and prescription charges are just too much for some they would rather stay sick.