The politics of time do not discriminate between right and wrong. An honest leader may spent timeless deeds towards humanity while a not so popular one picks opportunities for a popular catch. A popular catch satisfies the desires of the people while the honest politician is alienated. That is why reading social trends of time is a must for young leaders to know and understand where the people are.

It is not to take advantage of the opportunity to ride selfish success, but to attempt at transformation for objective outcomes. Political success are usually measured by popularity however lacking in objective achievements for the people means success is hollow. But the people will not forget their personal journeys of struggles and achievements.

The media has informed us that taking the opportunity for a ride is the right thing to do even if what is right is on the way to hell.

Here's that selfish feeling of satisfying own desires gathered into a popular trend in the modern under relevant conditions. The selfish awareness creates a mood that sets a frame of mind in a given social condition; a psyche for a time.

The popular mood is not related to what ought to be the right thing to do, but rather what satisfies a burning desire. This is an instinctual response to the demanding conditions.

For example, If a foreign force seems threatening the security of one's livelihood, the heighten instinct is the desire to be protective and fight back. You see, the reaction is the first thing that is picked up by the senses lacking any rational thought. Shoot first and ask after! It is the reverse of my top down a priori of reason before action.

Politicians could be seen as doing what is right whether for humanity or for the environment and climate change, but if they don't meet the popular desire of time, then they are likely to alienate themselves from the people. while popular opinions are centred on the subjective, this is not to say the people are junkies they would fall for anything that passes by.

The young are smart but seem to wait for a popular audience in order to perform.

By objective reason of productive outcomes, desire should be met when policies generate economic growth. But as we now know, if economic growth means influx of refugees and migrants then it is not a popular choice. This is because fear is stronger than reason.

The right thing to do is helping refugees; a course for humanity while migrants contribute to economic developments. Refugees themselves contribute skills to the economy.

Different cultures and various political groups are represented in local governments, It should therefore point to the closest representation of nationalistic ideologies that is favoured among right wing parties.

And as we have witnessed, the right thing to do gives way to tribal sentiments. A nationalist opportunist would incite the opportunity to gain the vote and rational human gives way to animal instincts. This is true of recent events where incitement of nationalistic sentiments had motivated some followers to commit atrocious acts.

Further, following from Brexit and Trump, the nationalistic mood would give up economic relations to protect own borders and ban immigrants among refugees. Despite the narrow and temporary outcome, the followers' popular desires are met.

What does it mean when reason continue to give way to heighten instincts and desires? Does it suggest that we the people are conditioned by our subjective desires or does it suggest that the right wing nationalist army is more popular than us?

That is why a popular uprising can counter the right wing populous opportunists by appeal to the intelligence and beauty. Natural attraction to beauty and intelligence can outsmart animal instincts. Many leaders have fallen to this path even when holding public office.

However, the populous target is selfish and uneconomic. The uncertainty brought about by disruptive social relations and protectionism have placed a volatile condition for the global economy.

Nationalist isolationism is detrimental to global economic growth. But how narrow the nationalist vision has restricted opportunities for market expansion which provides jobs and growth. The protectionists may allocate local jobs and housing to own citizens first, but then where do they expect to export their goods and services when other markets are excluded from trade?

Change project a fear of the unknown but change under the spell of a subjective mood is a popular opportune of desperation. The people are sold on a subjective chance by populous politics. The right wing nationalist movement therefore is nothing more than a desperate trend, a chance cast upon the wind.

This is why a strong and enduring force needs to take people away from their selfish desire to be a part of the big picture. A positive, attractive and desiring force would melt the cold dark soul of a nationalist and tribal captures of the innocents of our time.

There are positive intelligent young women and men who can lead us away from medieval tradition that has crippled and strangled human civilisation and have destroyed our world only to satisfy their own needs.

The popular trend of the modern has to change from its narrow and limited vision to expand the means of survival. By a global approach to the environment and climate change would preserve the national and local resources from erosion and corruption. It is transforming that selfish desire into an objective outcome for all, the right thing to do.