Our modern world is largely experienced in the subjective realm. The development of advanced technology has modified our way of thinking in-line with the abstract. These virtual characters have become a major part of life helping us with difficult questions. And as they do, we become more dumb and dumber by the minute.

While everything in this plane of existence seem new and crisp, we are thinking of smart and progressive when in fact we are losing it.

I have called this process 'thinning' when the objective that stabilises reality has become redundant and fade away. It's not for lack of trying when adapting to the environment, that subjective aspects are developed mostly unconscious. For example, in the height of desire, reason is subdued by instincts. And we are hooked on addiction without thinking. And there, you cannot remember anything that you haven't thought about.

Trying to think over your instincts when another car pulls up in-front of you requires more than thinking. You have to have belief in order to develop objective intuition. Meantime, its full on desire.

So it was exciting to fulfil a desire for female to lead in Education by alienation and demonising male teachers. This went further by targeting male students with potentials. Soon enough, male feel unsafe in a hostile environment. At the same time, male students do not always connect with pro female political pedagogy. (Just a thought, if male is no longer attracted to the female, what could happen to the population in the future?)

Further, this pedagogical strategy is also reinforced by material science. Material and abstract science projects are funded and promoted while Arts and Social Science are discouraged. When more students opt for desirable disciplines, it narrows the chance of achieving a job in the outcome. With a student loan, it's probably impossible to go on business.

At the same time, Sports and Entertainment are making big money. But really, people are paying big money to satisfy such feelings as happiness and beating the All Blacks. What do you have to show for it? Well, at least the players have put on a good show for their earnings.

When you are put to the test, the proof of the pudding is demonstrated by facts; road toll, teacher shortage, demand in jobs, housing shortage and so on. I also think it's time to look at first time offenders as more common while recidivists may have learning or health issues.

It's clear that so-called difficult disciplines were removed from the curriculum are shown to be absent in crucial decision making. Belief and Thinking are in the discipline of Social Science. Overall, such subjects as language, critique and Maths help.

And that completes the role of education as the bridge between the subjective and the real objective world. It has been proven by solid statistics that education cannot bridge a stable reality by solely existing in the realm of the linear abstract material alone.

Stagnant is losing it from redundancy, so if you naturally react by feelings and senses, the chances are you won't think in time to avoid an accident. And social issues trending current crises are might as well be accidents because we were dwelling in desires amidst fear and psychosis, we cannot remember how we got here!

Well actually, the previous government neglected the social consequences of linear economic development.

In our modern environment of specialisation in the work force, a diverse process is most relevant not only to the need of the economy but also to the social organisation of society. And probably with view to the curriculum.

Instead of highlighting the top achievers as we know it, the process is linked by individual stages. A monitor is placed to observe and catch how links make changes to the overall outcome.

You see, those so-called at the top may be in a separate level of the scale, but are all serving an end to the same process. Some of the important changes are occurring not at the top but somewhere near the bottom. You see, if one link fails, the output product is defected. And we have lots of rejects and defects not so much of the individual but of the linear system they are forced to endure.

I have previously mentioned that there is no freedom in the absence of values. And if learners are choosing their careers in the absence of reason and perhaps belief, then who knows?

A prize at the end of a course is deserving for those who work for it. To take that away from rightful recipients just to make others feel good is a developmental concern. It creates a catalyst for uniformed stagnation.

To strive for the same thing will learners end up with the same skills and not all of them will get a job. Health workers, caretakers, IT and carpenters are all different. I think the trouble is imposed by material science that prioritised subjective desires at the top.

Passion is when the senses focus on a dream or desire. This is associated with feelings and emotions. An artist expresses these emotions in images and stories with coded messages of time and space.

Passion is the driving force behind learning. It is the love of learning that he/she tries at the desire. Despite the odds love carries him/her to succeed. You know the funny thing about trying, even if it doesn't look good, the learner still thinks its ok. That's passion for you!

While passion is subjective, it can be quantified by reason and by objective outcomes that is productive. Education could be the bridge between subjective dreams and objective production. There are big dreams in small places but the drive to the top has overlooked small changes.

I think a student has made up his/her mind for a career from the passionate subjective position. Remember in this realm, he/she is swayed by dreams and desires more than reason (and belief).