You know looking around the world, humans are lost in their drive for the economy but merely for the betterment of themselves. But the drive has focused on selfish ambitions that while we may live together in our world, we are really strangers in our thoughts.

Isolated in foreign land and having nowhere else to turn to, survival becomes instinctual. Human is naturally hardwired for self-preservation. Being an illegal family, she can't work and not entitled to welfare assistance. In desperation, she subjected her under-aged daughter to prostitution.

The law came down harsh to highlight family abuse and violence against women in sentencing the mother.

Now, let's attempt to provide a different perspective that is perhaps not tarnished by political influence.

Prostitution is legal in New Zealand, and considering the circumstances, the mother's only crime was her daughter's age. Being an illegal immigrant may be a crime but being a poor foreigner is not.

Paralleled in the same week, those who are responsible for making laws also have women claimed against violence in wild sex and harassments. At the same time, the law did not seem to make any comments as the incident is silenced for political reasons.

During a moment of darkness, desperations kicked against cognitive ability and found to be wanting. In duress, I believe the woman made a positive choice towards life and the lifesaving choice precedes subjugation to prostitution. She would not be the only woman considered a hero.

Clearly, the law is portrayed with a cultural character. Facts may project a crime, but the law must support pure lifesaving acts without cultural prejudice. In this case, saving a life irrespective of cultural difference and political influence precedes the secondary circumstances surrounding the incident.

The law must be holistic in maintenance of human relevance. Facts alone without the measure of objective outcomes are subjective. You see, without holistic objectives, scientific facts are bend on providing evidence to prove a crime has been committed.

If so then science would obviously fail to infer a crime committed is secondary to the motive, which has failed to detect because it is not only subjective but negative.

You see, the reason why a crime was committed is greater than the crime itself. But the linear abstract of the law only picked up the crime as a fact, and in so doing has failed to reason the motive.

A pure motive is one of those natural acts that presented itself in the presence of unique events. And the law has failed to detect this pure act.

This is because the law is tarnished by political and cultural influence. This deviation away from holistic objectives has already impacted upon human developments of the genders in particular. There are thousands of jobs available but human developments are thinned on relevant objectives of time and place.

So we are now hooked with linear perspectives to see the world only in pro Euro feminine way. I'm sure men don't have to wear skirts in order to be meaningful in life.

In the not too distant past, the gene has emerged the ultimate reality to provide the solid blocks for science. Deviations among defects are linked to their prototypes and we are back to Darwin's farm of categories and pure types.

In the future, species' categories and pure types would wear different roles from today's status quo. But true to their linear type, they continue to evolve on the material form without the holistic objective of being.

And this is where the gene has to merit meaning in a strand of objective thought. Oh, btw, it hasn't got a gene for thought, only brain.

So if a pure discovery is made sense in the thought which is absent in the gene, then how can we differentiate meaning in what we do? We don't because we don't recognise the foreign and poor mother's brave and self-saving decision. This is because we are genetic types linked to categories of behaviours, diseases and illnesses.

We are the means of super production. The gene categories is soon ordered on specific types; physique, colour, height, gender, and character. Ok, now we have perfected disease and illness inheritance, classes can be categorised according to limitations. That means the super class has none.

Ok, what in the future; the super class is a robotic generation. Yes, well in the not too distant past, sex was sabotaged; male had found it off-putting to have sex with female turned to sex robots. And obviously, no abortion, no diseases and no violence and abuse. And you know what that means don't you?

No humans!

So now we realise that thoughts are essential to genes in a holistic make up of human. But if thoughts are indoctrinated along linear types, then it would obviously fail to sustain holistic being.

You see, genes on their own are subjective just as thoughts are on their own too. And from what we have learned so far, thoughts and genes are naturally objective to human survival. We have also learned that controlling our thoughts can lead to a downward spiral of no return.

It's a bit like the story of love which became abuse and violence no one wanted to make love anymore. You see, such a pure act was overwhelmed with cultural and political impositions; it was lost forever. And a small loss of simple love is a great loss for human kind.