It's hard to believe some so-called professional people in the 21st Century still target others by their racial ethnicity. It is typical of right wing arguments that labelling with derogative terms makes up for lack of intelligence. They shall never see the light of day as long as the sentiment rules the passion. Under that temperament, they are hardly the people we should listen to for anything but for gabbling mumble.

If the image embodies the passion, the entity demonstrates one who has struggled with racial differences in their upbringing, but also held false beliefs in separation according to race. In that sense, a self-fulfilling prophecy uphold they are the superior race quantified by demonising others.

And a demon from the archive is unleased in the modern; the ancient behaviour is set to tarnish and stagnate modern developments of equality and diversity. The curse had demonstrated the consequences of depression during periods of static developments that raised uprising, conflicts and unrest. Could this be the antichrist with horns!

Why is it most difficult for a xenophobe to accept other humans based on differences? It is because of a false belief that he/she is superior over others. So when someone whom a xenophobe believes as inferior shows superior skills, the passion takes over the reasoning and heighten instincts are deployed on racial attacks. The image quantifies not only a demon with horns but with grinding molars.

When instincts are heightened, others are made aware of the senses tune in with the sensual hype. And the atmosphere is thick with tension that feeds the desires of other animals as the tribe makes a ritual feast of any one different from their own.

If you notice a subtle transformation of descend from human to animal is the emergence of heightened instincts, the switch from mental thinking or reason to instincts. Some may have never learned the difference between bottom up and top down decisions.

Normally, we have eyes supported by hearing, smell, taste and touch. When we see a piece of meat through the window, the other senses convince our eyes that we are looking at a delicious tasty meat that fills the tummy as the mouth begins to salivate. And the piece of meat is transformed right in front of our eyes into an easy target.

At this very moment, everything else has disappeared as the object is highlighted with flowing gravy and glistering fat. At the same time, the mind is also convinced and has already worked out how to get the target through the window.

The animal is not shy because there are no moral feelings or valid reasons than to climb through the window and dig into that piece of meat. It just can't help him/herself when the moment is totally determined by the bottom up decision.

Despite the fact that some believe humans are no different from animals, there is in fact a civilised difference.

When senses are heightened to instincts, the animal experience a passionate desire as it acts instinctively. For humans, creature habits are civilised into customs and culture. When the eyes sees the object of passionate desire, the mode of reason kicks in and engage the mind over instincts.

For the animal, the eyes see the original object transformed into desire; for human, when eyes see the desire, a third eye of the mind is opened to direct or filter the material desire and elevate it into being. The instinct to the creature is in tuition to human.

Creatures cannot see the intuition process for it hadn't developed the third eye of the mind. Under instincts, the creature can see the material object of desire; under intuition, human can see objective transcendence of desire.

This is also proven by a psychological test where objects a not seen in a certain degree right in front of your eyes. Under experience of passionate desire, you are led to believe that you have seen what you believed you saw when in fact you didn't. But under the spell of desire, it is a subjective delusion.

In the intuition process of filtering the objective from the subjective aspect, the mind reason what's missing from the material to from a valid objective.

The animal has two eyes; human has a third or the objective sixth sense. There's a film called the sixth sense, but this is not what it's about. The sixth sense is objective and always stable.

So, be it as it may, the ideology based on such belief about the superior of one's race over another is a delusion. If anything, the targeted ethnicity is more civilised and therefore intelligent than the macho one. Intelligent in any case is subjective for the material is subject to deterioration.

The failure of conservativism therefore is inherent of its subjective nature, a delusional mind. But why would so called superior people follow a delusional ideology has to do with deceiving its followers. Like hungry wild animals, a piece of meat is the object of transformation; they believe they are follow a mouth-watering piece of juicy meat.

And if you haven't been to a right wing debate on race among immigrants, the tension heightens the emotions in a free for all mumble gabble. It's a feast for the senses driven by racial derogative.

The separation of people according to their tribal ethnicity is the most uneconomic organisation of existence. Based on the bottom up rule of instincts, the jungle is dominated by the macho types. And there is no place in the modern world for such backward ideology.