I did say a little while ago that the PM would undergo a moulding process from political and media critics along with public demands early in office.

While some are institutionalised and depended, a few take advantage of the opportunity to reach great height.

However, most of political critics so far are engaged in trivial pursue of semantics raging from who said what to almost wearing the wrong colours.

It's a bit like a 'tit for tat' reaction caught in a loop. Does it suggest a desperate attempt to switch the limelight off?

Nevertheless, I must admit that the charisma is an obvious asset for the country. She is close to the people and a solid inspiration to many young people.

This time next year, she'll be right all the smarter and prettier to the antagonism of who's next leader of the opposition. While obviously she'll pick up the pace, I hope she doesn't lose her smile. I am scared of women who don't smile; a bit like that other one.

The institution is not so much of members of the house, but the lobby on the outside, promoted by the media. For National, representatives are mere puppets on a string. The devil's advocate act as commentators among spinners on the usual task of imposing obligations and convincing the public.

The latest one is not consumer confidence but workers confidence. Normally, low income sustains profit for business. No matter how optimism the worker is about work, it is up to the business to hire and fire. At the same time, business also has the control on consumer price.

So, how can confidence be the fault of the government let alone the PM when the business owner can sway moods by manipulating price and wages? For the economy, all an investor has to do is shift investments from one product to another to shake the market and you have manufactured demands and supply. One example for that is the housing crisis.

So when you have housing crisis and low wages, it is expected for low consumer confidence when all the worry is focused on housing.

As for housing, when you turn up for viewing a flat, you see single parents with children also looking for a house. Its heart breaking witnessing innocent and helpless folks victimised by linear economic developments.

I think about withdrawing my application to let the single parent and child have a better chance of succeeding. But then I could end up in the car in the next few weeks if cant find a flat.

Labour hasn't the luxury of media promotions among spinners. But it's true of realisation of issues that are conscious among the people in the same position. It's a relief that folks are slowly getting housed and for some a living wage. Let's hope Education and Health catch up for the sake of our tamariki and obviously the future.

With practical ground up developments, genuine confidence is objective and not like some linear abstract imposed from above. Really, we don't want to be left behind by another linear rock star economy for the few.

I myself is enduring ailments of age, but still trying to mix it with the young at work. There is no other choice. The doctor doesn't help, MSD doesn't either as these institutions operate on a commercial model.

While we are barely above water from the housing crisis, the Trump Induced Inflation is weighing us below once again. The whole of global consumer population is taking a direct hit from Trump. Like the single parent and children, folks in third worlds suffer twice as much, Trump may not bombarding them from high in the sky, but his unilateral dictate is nonetheless felt in the hearts and minds of global consumer.

And this a rare opportunity for workers among consumers to unite in solidarity. If you think last year was Jacindamania, wait until you see the train coming.

I think we as New Zealanders are ahead of the curve by electing a young female leader at the right time. Before the reverse division of labour and tribal women arrive, our female leader would be in her element. She is in the centre of a super phenomenon.

The ground work is established by not only upgrading infrastructure, but also improving the standards for the quality of living. These substantial developments point to climate change, environmental pollution and renewable energy. The thinking ahead is illustrated by downgrading of fossil fuel; no amount of profits can replace human life lost to cancer and respiratory diseases.

Rather than market protection and isolation, the universal approach unite co-operative nations on shared issues and responsibility for humanity. That merit universal issues of diversity, equality, refugee, climate change, renewable energy and etc.. Can you begin to see something big coming this way?

At the same time, the opposition has already targeted hard-hitting deployment in an attempt to round up support, but ammunitions provide opportunities for the PM on a role. There is no other choice for the sake of wellbeing and the future.

The right wing rally has already played the race card on the usual suspects such as immigrants and low-income families. But in here, rallying international participation for universal issues is not compatible with conservative market protectionism and Isolationism. It is uneconomic. To mention tourism for example requires that social and open democratic participation where diversity and equality are economic terms.

Besides, people travel to enjoy themselves in clean and green environments. Overall, there is a few loose ends to tie and secure.