A little while after Labour's win, National had passed down a chain of commands disclosing who's leading the party. In fact, the real party is an organisation of capitalists among landlords and multi-corporations. They seek a symbolic figurehead to influence the people but for business interests.

Simon Bridges is supposed to be a familiar face with Maori and ordinary folks, but he sounds more like a hard right fanatic with a rusty croaky voice.

Other than harsh on crime and beneficiaries, I don't think National had ever had a social objective policy for the ordinary folks. Instead, it has become a legend for creating social crises.

Having said that, Labour may have won the General Election 2017, but the real National organisation is still ruling the only way it knows best; creating and maintaining social crises. It makes for a convenient bypass to justify doing nothing. And doing nothing is allowing the social crisis developed and established.

The people in desperation creates a demand for supply and raking in millions for the organisation.

The poor among the homeless are still enduring the Housing Crisis especially in the Wellington area.

Chaos is a state of disorder before it was ordered. Organised chaos is supposed to serve an underlying good for all. But while everyone is confused, the National organisation - not the party - is still ruling. The real organisation of capitalists among landlords and business operators.

Why is Kiwibuild not advancing to solve the housing crisis? Bus drivers seemed to do their own thing and get away with it!


Here's why. A house owner let two of her three-bedroom house to tenants. Her house is considered not good enough for health and safety standards. There is an existing tenancy agreement with a bond paid. Now the Tenancy Services and Tribunal normally cover all those housing aspects.

However, the walls of one of the bedrooms are covered with pictures and drawings. But those decorations are only there to cover holes on the wall where creepy creatures crawl in.


The cupboard in the bathroom is collapsing, and crawly creatures are seen on the shower floor.

The kitchen is over backed with all sorts of items between the laundry, the rubbish and kitchen utensils. It is not only a health and safety issue but also hygienic.

When one of the tenant had enough and gave his two weeks-notice according to the agreement, it was ok by the house owner landlord. But when he asked for some of his bond back, the landlord refused with a simple no.


The tenant applied to the Tenancy Tribunal Lower Hutt for an order to refund his money. And he got the surprise of his life! The Tenancy 'Services Lower Hutt told him that the circumstances surrounding his application does not fall into the Tribunal's jurisdiction.

The Tribunal stated that the landlord lives in the house and there are less than six tenants to be classified a boarding house. And the Bond? Well the Tribunal also told the tenant that anyone can deal with the Bond. His application fee was not refunded.

This comes in the face of the fact that landlords up north have been fined thousands of dollars for not registering the Bond with the Bond office!

Further, the tenant collected photos of the house living areas and send them to the Lower Hutt City Council for health and safety standards.

The council worker on the other side of the phone laugh at the tenant and told him he can always move out. The council staff informed the tenant there is nothing wrong with the house and he made that decision without visiting the house in question.

And this is the hidden face of the Housing Crisis that is swept under the local authorities' carpet. The tenant had lost not only his bond but had also lost his fee application at the Tribunal even though the matter is considered unrelated. He had considered the civil tribunal, but after his experience with the Tenancy Tribunal and local City Council, he didn't like his chances at another corporate funded institution.

Out of money and out of bed, another unrepresented tenant becomes homeless. And the hidden face of the Housing Crisis endures under the carpet.

One bedrooms now between $350 and $600 a week and with the help of local authorities and agents of business organisation, homeowner landlords have a free tax bonanza to draw upon whenever they feel like.

Under reasonable conditions, these unfortunate folks are represented by democratic rule. But as you see, the organised chaos confuses the reality while raking in funds for the organisation underneath it.

It is a violation of democracy and interference with justice.

Maintaining a disorganisation of resources creates a social crisis under the guise of symbolic representation. It is not the government and neither is the opposition. The National Party struggles to cover up the real opposition of the private sector.

This bears the reminders of organised political activities outside parliament that we have come to fear in terrorist activities.

Labour has emerged under harsh conditions a popular party and eventually a social democratic party, now for peace. Labour faces antagonism and direct opposition not from puppets on a string party but from business nepotistic local authorities' and the private sector themselves. Labour only has the power to make laws, but we have witnessed the opposing power of the real opposition in disorganised opposition to the Capital Gains Tax proposal.

Clearly, ordinary folks cannot afford to pay the rent even if they have two jobs. But their struggle is confused under a disorganisation that benefits the rich while maintaining a social crisis. And this social crisis was created a few years ago under the previous government.