In solidarity with the people of France in respect of Notre-Dame.

Meanwhile, our Prime Minister has officially announced that the majority of the people of New Zealand do not want fairness in society. Therefore instead of trying to be equalled, she let the status quo stand; 'the rich will always be richer and the poor permanently poor'.

At the same time, the so-called system of distribution of wealth is the same old crumbs falling off the plates of the rich. Now we know, the poor is a permanent layer of the New Zealand economic landscape maintaining a Poverty sector and its escalated consequences of social illness and crime.

And so our struggle is real. The predominant race is white and we the poor are not. Therefore we are disadvantaged because we are not white. At a subsequent level, women seem to have a white only right to impose her will upon non-white men. Well, non-white men don't have the same rights as white men.

This non-white male aspect is clear and transparent. The first layer is established upon race, the second on commercial status. You have to be white, if not then be rich. And none of the above means you are non-white male.

There is no justice for a non-white male in New Zealand. He is the easy target to be blamed in order to make some woman powerful.

Going through life as an easy target, the ailment in the throat of the old man is the result of a dodgy medical examination. He was given a series of Panadol to clear his cough. He almost overdose himself from the Panadol trying to nurse his cough, but it turned out to be a serious growth.

He still has his throat, but the chronic cough is a permanent addition to his character that has ruined his social life. You know, treatments like this are compensated in the thousands but for a non-white male, he has no justice.

Doctors examinations became routine tasks. The old man had an asthmatic attack in the surgery only to be told by the doctor 'its nothing'. But the chronic cough is accompanied by chest pains, along with aching knee caps and unstable posture needing aid for stability.

One doctor mumbled something like 'you are in the class where less funds is allocated for'. Status quo! But now the distribution of wealth and resources include health care and other services such as housing huh, I can't think of any other services.

At MSD, they too cannot classify your ailments under a sickness benefit because the doctor doesn't think there's anything wrong with you. One doctor in Ellerslie laughed and told the old man his cough and pains are all in his head.

Then the old man turns up for work and obviously his handicap is visible and the culture of work cannot sack him directly but would create a hostile environment to coerce him out of his job. It became the norm to bully and psychologically coerce a non-white male target.

I know the treatment well and the people involved. The systemic co-ordination in place is now a common tool for feminism and political agenda. It has been recently used on an MP who has now become independent.

But I know it well because it was deployed upon me at Auckland Uni. Everyone got involved among so-called professionals including community agencies.

The psycho effect imposes fear and raises high blood pressure. Your perception is distorted and you can become suicidal. I am claiming it to be a major source for violence, Mental Illness and Suicide.

This is the system deployed by such agencies as Housing, MSD, Inland Revenue, Health among others. It is not part of a government protocol, rather a culture of the corporation underlying gender and political agenda. The government in place also falls victim to this culture if not by its own coalition partners.

Whatever happened to professional ethics and code of conduct at work and public services is oblivious to nostalgia of yesterday.

This stereotypical expectation runs deep in the veins of some young folks. For example, a court professional worker gave the old man some legal advice. The old man wanted to apply for a claim for his bond from the courts. The court worker realised the landlord is a female and suggested its not a good idea for a respected old man to make such claims against a woman.

A crime has been committed against the old man but in terms of some dubious social expectation, it is not appropriate for him to correct the wrong dumped on him by the rich woman!

No one is above the law and these young people are brainwashed by modern education.

Another law organisation also has a set up for public consultancy. The old man visited for advice and was told by a young legal adviser to bring a document the next day. The old man came back the next day with the document but the young man was not. He went through the usual procedure of filling out forms and wait for the next available legal rep.

After half an hour a young woman called him out and he had to relate his story all over again. Nobody knows anything about the old man's previous visit. The old man understood his visit was only contributed tor statistical collection for the organisation I guess to improve their chances for funding.

And their you see, the creation of the Underclass is a convenience for the rich to ensure their flow of wealth is maintained. In pure daylight, the rich line their pockets with ailments of our struggle.

Solidarity is experience of social struggles. Your experience help you know and understand the awareness of other people's pain and suffering. You cannot learn to understand from abstracts of books and stories.

Should we rise to claim our natural right to democracy, we are reminded by White Terrorism of the consequences. At the same time, Panadols are inadequate to nurse a chronic illness, while alternative treatment in Euthanasia is extremely meaningless.

This is why Jesus came down to experience our suffering and lay down his life for us. Being discriminated, laughed at, ridiculed and coerced have taught us to know and understand. It is the development of transcending the material into being.