Like trees and flowers of the field, we naturally grow upward to the sun. We have natural aspirations for progress for the better. To look back we travel in time to a younger age in the sunrise; to look forward we travel in time to an older age in the sunset.

Far from the sunrise, the past is associated with old materials and ancient behaviour, but the future is somewhat associated not with shades of the sunset, but with new materials. However if we human beings can travel back in time, we are scaling our feelings and emotions to a younger state of existence; the excitement of discoveries. And if we can travel to the future, we are also scaling our feelings and emotions to a wise old age.

It is certainly not a feeling of newness in the future and oldness in the past.

Now can you imagine feeling old in your younger age and feeling young at your old age? Feelings are stubborn; they transport the whole of you in time. When they do that, what is real in the here and now doesn't exist? Does it suggest that reality is when the mind, body and soul is in-line with time and place?

In between transportation back and forth is a transitional place of uncertainty as we are captivated by the trajectory of opposing forces. This is the place we have made our home in the material. We have to struggle against the forces whether it be our making or someone else.

That means the here and now is a distorted view of reality. It is volatile uncertainty that is far from real. And this confirms that reality is not the linear static material we have been forced to accept.

A demonstration of forces follows the rise of tribal traditions to dictate the terms of global trade organisation over and above diverse democratic agreements. This has divided the world between autocratic rules of tribal traditions and diverse democracy.

Tribal tradition is organised along the right wing of the political spectrum. It is anti-climate change pro right wing favouring hegemonic rule. That's deployment of arms and wealth as power to dictate the terms of trade. The promotional news of Wars and Invasion also serve to subject fear upon the population for control.

Organised on shared values and agreement or democratic at the opposite site is the organisation of diverse cultures and genders favouring climate change and places humanity the objective.

Captivated by uncertainty, it looks like the new world order is more of a consequence than design. It is the division between autocratic rulers and democratic participation. The status quo conforms to economic status, but now even the so-called first world has fallen victim to the consequences of trade wars.

So what does it mean to buy your food and clothes from someone from outside your culture if it saves you a bit of money? One group is happy as long as production of food and clothes no matter who produce them is environmental friendly and serves a progressive human purpose. The other group is happy as long we buy food and clothes from our own group irrespective of the negative consequences on the environment and our humanity.

You see, the above illustration opens our eyes to the fact that we humans have come of age to know enough about our past to make our own informed decisions about the future. The past is not about the oldness of static material things; rather it is about the happiness or sadness of young age growth. In contrast, the future is not about new material things but about comfort and well-being among material things.

What is the point of new machines if humanity is suffering the social consequences?

There is no doubt that there are those who continue to control our minds and emotions and dictate the way we should live our lives. But given awareness of our being or expression of feelings and emotions, we are more stable in living among others irrespective of difference.

If you can grasp the true nature of our humanity, living under forceful conditions whether by suppression of thoughts or feeling and emotions to support someone else's lifestyle has accumulated social consequences to the detriment of our health and wellbeing, especially among our children. It is not right. It is a violation of human rights. It is volatile and unstable.

We are somewhat dreaming of our young life in the past and at the same time we are forced to struggle for someone else's future while subject to a volatile home in the material. The here and now is volatile and uncertain, it doesn't exist.

It doesn't appear as we can stabilise the elements for peaceful organisation, but we can naturally choose to live our world peacefully against the odds. There is the objective reality that can be brought into being.

The newness of the future is a figment of our imagination from the dreams of the struggle. Supposing we replace this subjective material with feelings and emotions of time and place; since feelings and emotions are aspects of the body, heart and mind; it is transportation of our being.

Can we transport our being to the future is yes. It IS possible by clearing our real world from fear and pollution. We can filter the swamp from fearful alligators and snakes to its real natural origin. We know, it is not only the right thing to do, but also a beautiful site to see the shades of the sunset upon the water.