From real life experience, we have come to learn and understand that Capitalism is on the right of the political spectrum, and Socialism is on the centre left.

We have learned from experience that governments to the right give free reign to the private business sector to help themselves. In so doing, the market dictates the terms of survival where the rich get richer and the poor among diverse groups get poorer.

You notice the people who make influencing decisions in opposition to social development are doctors and professors or economists and accountants. They are shareholders among financial managers. And that means they promote the interest of the market to make attractive returns for themselves. They themselves are paid big biggies including bonuses.

It is undermining and devaluing our hard earned experience or knowledge.

So they have a favourite saying to let the market solve your problems is the same as the status quo. In reality, it is letting the poor live in cars and on the streets to make profit for shareholders.

There other favourite saying is don't do anything, just think about it. Why change when the market is generating profit for the rich? People are misled by the fabrication of gloss information that disguises the real struggle of the poor.

Following from the above, what seems to be a rule expects governments to the left to take the lead in social development including upgrade of infrastructure. We have first-hand knowledge that Capitalism neglects social developments in favour of material capital development. And this is becoming clearer as funding is allocated to urgent upgrade.

You see, hospitals, schools, housing and public services etc., are for the people. The government is investing in the interest of the public. That makes Labour the representative of the people.

Naturally, the business and private sector would raise opposition to infrastructure and social development funding in favour of themselves and in the name of the market economy.

So here it is! First; when the government takes the lead in social and public developments, it is representing the people. This is leaning towards a socialism market where regulations is in favour of the people, a public state.

Second; when the government regulates in favour of the business private sector, the public and required infrastructure are neglected. This is leaning towards raw capitalism as business companies prioritise their material product over social needs.

Further, we have been exposed to media propaganda of capitalist economic promotion of the material product. It has completely devoid of any relevance to the people or social responsibility. Folks are blamed and punish for the consequences.

National, the capitalist business party represents the interest of the private sector and its material production, it accumulates and neglects the social consequences.

At the same time, Labour is forever prompting up the infrastructure as in road transport, hospitals, schools and social developments for homelessness, Poverty, violence and crime.

It's no brainer the Labour government comes in time when the social consequences are mountain high.

Capitalism funds businesses and regulate the people to be responsible for the consequences. You see, crime is a permanent feature of the landscape of capitalism, like language and culture, we are also born into crime as a sector of a capitalist society.

Socialism spends so much time not only upgrading infrastructure but also for healthcare and rehabilitation programmes to help the individual back to wellbeing.

We can now claim that National and Capitalism go hand in hand, are still practising the utopian idea that funding business to boom-state create jobs where everyone help themselves and thus their healthcare and upkeep. But you know very well especially in the last ten years, we the people are still trying to catch up while business owners are counting their millions.

That has brought us into reality of the fact that 'Capitalism is accumulation of wealth at the one end and at the same time accumulation of Poverty at the other'.

And this is where we are. Capitalism is regulating consumers by imposing punishments for the consequences of material development. Labour is a Socialism party in favour of the people. So on your left is Socialism and the right is Capitalism.

There are other aspects such that Socialism is not only more humane and democratic where Capitalism is linear and facilitate the rule of the few.

So the young generations have learned from experience the pros and cons of both systems and for some have gone further to favour Socialism more suitable for the modern diverse set up of individual lifestyle and shared values of various groups than the linear organisation of Capitalism.

Frankly, Capitalism is only relevant to the likes of the far-right tribal tradition which is staunch on dominating everyone even in the face of the current environmental crisis. It has been the ideology of Colonisation to rule and control on the basis of culture and ethnicity. Die hard followers are surviving the practice by resorting to extreme measures and these macho guys will ride the crisis of Climate Change to the point of no return!

There is now an urgent need to decolonise our social behaviour away from binds of capitalism that has bound us to bad environmental habits. It is absolutely necessarily for our survival to realise our own footprint and change behaviour to reduce man made environmental pollution.

Decolonisation is realising some hard truths but continue to move forward. It is realising the fact that we may be different but we share the same universal values that are now critical for our survival.