When some dominating people have some idea of a type of person you are, they usually tell you to look in the mirror. But if you have a different understanding of who you are from their opinion, then it doesn't seem to make sense. But you know in yourself the true type of person you really are.

The opinion implies that you must change your behaviour to suit how others see you. It is conforming to the status quo the majority and dominant way of life. It is adopting a different way of life with the belief that it is good for you.

Well, we have this belief that we will find jobs to pay for the rent and have opportunities to move up in the world. But we never thought of how it could turn out if the belief is false!

The above scenario is socialisation of cultural beliefs the assimilation of values of the dominant culture under material capitalism.

However, after years of struggle to make ends meet and living on the streets, we have rapidly arrived at a stage of meaningless where the ultimate meaning of life is simply death. You are born on a journey of no return where Unfettered Capitalism dictates the terms of survival. That's slowly thinning away a piece of you.

And from the top down, there is no logic, no reason or rhyme as if that portion of the brain has completely thinned away.

Under this stage of meaningless for example, the Internet is simply uncontrollable. Scams run rife and are free to trap your private data and software for deceptive and illegal profits. There are sites where you can report such scams, but they simply can't control it. And in the most part you are on your own.

Shops dictate their own terms according to how vulnerable the consumer appears to be. And for the most part, they get away with it.

The best legal minds for example in the world of material capitalism have successfully applied their trades to defend those who commit crimes. And as long as you have enough money to pay them, capitalism serves to make a profit. And good is making a profit somewhat illegally as opposed to doing what is right. So when big corporate business have all the money to use the best resources such as law to their advantage, where do we the little people find a place in a capitalist world?

So when we have proved that our false beliefs don't turn out true, we are defenceless in the mercy of the elements. The little people on the margin are born to die.

I did say a little while ago that material capitalism is heading towards the cliff and since we no longer have what it takes to be responsible, we are just going for the ride. Even in the face of the environmental crisis, some people will and have defended capitalism as a right to the end. And this has flourished a stream of extreme activities.

However, the capitalist practice justifies the meaning of life that 'you are born to die'. And under unfettered capitalism, the means of production are terminated after their used by date. Old age, illness and disability have no moral or human sanctions simply because that modest portion of the brain is missing.

I once referred to a 'culture of death' in terms of same sex union, abortion and Euthanasia. But now material capitalism underpins that culture. Socialisation, promotion and practice of the material culture is death itself. What is happening to us?

In a way, we seem to be innocent because we no longer have what it takes to know better and the only way integral to our material system is programmed to head towards the cliff. This makes death not only natural but an ultimate achievement.

As the media continues to dominate our conscious awareness with images and messages in promotion of the material world, our behaviour is subtly conditioned to adopt and promote the capitalist culture of death. At the same time, we are led to believe that we are doing things because it is good for the material economy therefore we are good people. That is material and commercial or economic status, the culture of death.

Can we defy the laws of capitalism and turn its culture around? Remember before assimilation and peer pressure of conformation, we had some idea of the real person we are.

In our modern world of meaningless chaos of crime, addiction, mental illness and soon panic, we shall be looking for that real person with different values and ID. Have a look in the mirror and find you are the only person who knows who's looking back.

Can you find it in yourself to defend the rights of the innocent little people?

How can we stop the spiral from descending? What could happen if rivers are dried and poisoned the salmon no longer able to return life? We know fish farming are mainly for profit; like breeding to be killed, they are born to die!

If the salmon fails to spawn; I guess we are lucky we still have children today, but under the capitalist mode for profit, a virus can easily take them away…

Despite how the old tribe under capitalist tradition continues to impose a dangerous passage to nature, there is no doubt that the younger generations have what it takes to return to life.

I'm sure those young people have a natural mechanism protecting them from corruption of the old world.