BEING 01/07/19

The social function this government has demonstrated is its ability to be transparent. In so doing, it has necessarily engaged the public in the decision-making process or democracy and notice the impact it's having on society! Despite the media and the opposition's attempt to disrupt and polarise, social organisation is relatively peaceful.

A little while ago, I introduced a purification or filtering process. This is purifying the senses and transcending the material into being. I have placed objectivism as a mode to filter what ought to be constructive for the stability of society from the subjective ones.

I have come to realise that this is a natural process demonstrated by chefs in their cooking. They follow a recipe by adhering to the ingredients and their measurements. I would say the objective mode in here is taste to create an appetite and fulfil a desire. Desire can be subjective or objective but more of that later.

However, when chefs have used the same recipe a few times, notice they don't stick with standard units of measurements anymore. Their experience take over and apply their senses particularly vision and taste.

Like chefs, the filtering process also uses experience after a while until it becomes natural. That means a chef knows what to apply in any given condition of his/her cooking. At the same time the filtering process also uses intuition to know and do what is right and necessary in a given situation.

Though there is a difference; the chef is stimulating the appetite to fulfil a desire for certain food is subjective. The filtering process on the other hand is aimed at changing a social behaviour from material desires to constructive or stable outcomes.

I can say that if the chef is trying a recipe to stimulate appetites for those who have lost the desire for food that his/her effort is objective. But if he/she is just cooking up large to make money, then I guess it falls into the linear material development - subjective.

A unique learning from this natural process is the fact that the senses and elements somewhat work together.

Infants learn about their senses by touching and tasting everything they arrive at. When they start to walk and talk, they learn the elements or ingredients of a recipe. This is logic and the process of reasoning kicks off from here.

Sense perception is a logical process, but what is missing is transcendence.

The chef puts together ingredients to produce smell and taste. Sometimes, some ingredients are placed in the pot first; others are only required in small amounts. Likewise, logic adheres to an order such as chronological order, or sequence.

So when the meal is tasty and appetising, the logic is valid. But notice in here the senses compliment logic.

In the same way, you can purify your senses objectively and become a good member of society. At this point of a nice meal, it is to fulfil a desire. But the objective is good health and subjective is over eating.

The chef may have developed intuition from experience, but to know what to do in a given situation can be triggered either by the senses or by the mind. Intuition is triggered by the mind. The senses on the other hand are offset by desires or cravings. And Objectivism is a top down development while Subjectivism is a bottom up one.

And so to transcend the material is to purify it in an objective sense. You wont remember from a craving or material desire, but you will know from your mind what ought to be done at a given situation.

So when you act on the objective idea from your mind, your practical exercise transforms the original subjective element into being. That means the idea is objectively functional and existing. And since the objective contributes to the stability of society, you have become a productive citizen, a social being.

And this is where transcendence comes in. Obviously, we are not going to transcend by eating, but by a natural filtering process or purification.

You see when you arrive at the end of the linear material process, there is not much else to do. You may start to recycle the same ideas and material in a loop, there is no way out. But transcending the material is not only purifying the idea but also in an objective sense.

This is where you transcend your sense perception from an entity into being.

A person who possesses and practices a purified objective mind is a transformed being. Now not to be confused with sense perception, objective is the mode of action. The sense perception is not filtered, it remains a subjective entity. The mind is not in control.

The stages of the process follow: stage one; the infant is involved with tasting the senses: stage two; the elementary of logic and ingredients is learning how to count and language; the third sage is the outcome in satisfying desire and validity of material logic. The material ends here. Now the new and fourth stage is transcending the material into being.

Ok, for the last hundred years of so, material developments have arrived at the end and started to recycle old ideas over and over again. Any new comer to scene takes us back to start over again from infant and elementary necessarily repeating the same mistakes over and over.

I think that when new comers are adults and we are somewhat intuitive, rather than recycling old ideas and repeating the same old mistakes, instead they can elevate and transcend the old material into the new.