I know TV One's Breakfast show does a good job in stimulating debates of social issues. The good thing about TV One is its balanced view and reports. But then when you hear other outlets in the private sector, they all seem to tow the same right wing line. And that is why I tend to associate right wing influence with the National Party followers. Frankly, I haven't heard any serious opposition of terrorism from them.

We know that the National Party promotes interest of business that make up the private sector. And in reality, we the public and consumers are dominated by the way business is conducted. Not only they rule our working life, but also our private life in our homes through the products that we buy.

Now to set this in motion, the private sector media promotes everything to maintain domination of the business and private sector class the same time subordinate consumers among workers as a second class.

The powerful media stratifies us workers and consumers from those business people making up the private sector.

They generate the socialisation of class relations by promoting the interests of the ruling class. This private and business sector class has prime time of opinions while the rest of us are lucky to have a say or listened to.

When we raise our concerns about exploitation and dodgy business affecting our lives, the media somewhat sabotage our opinions in favour of the private sector line.

So you see, not only we the working and consumer class are subordinated by the manipulation of the means of our survival - work and rent, food clothes etc. by the ruling class, but we are also discouraged to speak out.

In other words, we are not only oppressed by the struggle to maintain a living, but also we are repressed from airing our opinions.

And so we bottle up these issues in feelings and emotion in ourselves and requiring an outlet to release tension. And often we find that the very people we seek to help us out with bottled up feelings and emotions are the very ones who forced us into this mess in the first place.

Some would go as far as making us believe that the reason why we are stressed and depressed is because of our parents, or our culture and or religion although religion sometimes tow the same line.

Today, we have barely survived the full cycle of oppression not only physically through work and consumerism, but also through bottled up feelings and emotions of issues. That is, we are now mentally brainwashed that it is our culture and our own persons that is responsible for our own poor standards.

The trouble is, we believed them and in so doing we have passed this belief down the generations that our children and their children have grown up with the gene to basically give up trying. That is because we don't get anywhere when guards among gate keepers confront our efforts everywhere we turn.

So we just sit there under the table and wait for crumbs to fall off the plates of the ruling class.

You know when we try to do something, the ruling class has a special right to so-called freedom of speech to ridicule and mock us. We become shy and embarrassed and disappear from trying to improve our lot.

This is known as upward mobility. But the upper layer is guarded by the media among agencies of the system. Entry to the upper layer was name and ethnicity, meaning no non Europeans allowed. They have guards at Education and at work to ensure we are confused and failed or we haven't got enough capital to establish a business.

That is why we can only volunteer our efforts in social institutions to attempt at helping our folks succeed in struggles for life.

Its worse when some of our own folks do exactly the same, they not only pull us down but also rumour our names in the dirt that's basically impossible to try and establish a business enterprise.

You know most of our hopefuls end up in prison or hospitals just to stop them from succeeding.

That is why we can appreciate the new wave of political leaders who understand the history of our colonised mind and for the first time under Labour, the Justice system is reviewed and questioned why the majority of prison inmates are largely Maori and Pasefika male.

We have a long way to go yet as to why we are still divided when we basically share similar issues. It is when we come close to finding common grounds or consensus of issues that we are likely to find a common representative.

We still need to weed out the fabricated from the authentic like genuine Maori from Pakeha ones, or real Pasefika from pretentious ones. Like Rangatiratanga, our tradition is based on the family and the community. Those other ones might look like us but they are more Pakeha than traditional Maori or Pasefika.

So you see, it is more like a ground up foundation where members of the family forming the community share similar values that bind our social organisation. Family and community is our bind. The trouble is, many of our folks have fallen victims of colonisation; they have become private individuals.

Well, it is the individuals choice to strive for own ambition, but this was impossible a little while ago when membership to upward mobility was defined by ethnicity.

As for now, we have a popular platform for launching political leadership and an economic consumer class or market. But for lack of capital, this market is at the moment dominated by the imported middle class.