Is it possible for a paradigm shift only this time robots and machines taking over what's left of humans? Does it mean that humans like other creatures are simply born to die and have failed to enlighten a higher realm for humanity in Spiritism?

What could happen to the machine if you stop producing data? When all your data is stored in a big computer and we are connected, do we think alike and in uniformity. As a subject of control, we become much easier to manipulate as choices are predetermined. Of course at the same time we are led to believe it's a wonderful world.

It bears that machine type of feeling numb! You know; rusty bones! At the same time, we are coerced by a conscious awareness of white terrorism. Well, you know you can only work certain jobs and live in certain areas the condition provide for your lot. Either accept it and be a good citizen or face terror.

Now all your choices are somewhat made, and you are free to oblige within its parameters. You know, implicit expectations that you are privately and secretly conscious of.

So you know sooner or later you are going to catch a respiratory disease from environmental pollution but keep it private; even GPs are sworn in by the machine.

Let's face it, life sucks but since we have no functional faculties of knowing, who cares? Should that thought be tempted to see the light, there could be a mass attempt at perversity.

I don't belong to any social media community and I don't use 'iCloud' if I could help it. You know how Microsoft manipulates your data to be stored in iCloud and if you don't, then somehow your machine won't work properly. There are no ethics in these corporations.

Now you see the liberal meaning of life, it prevents you from knowing what is. There are no integral values of human being; something that personally belongs to you that you claim and know. That what's happening now; the senses have taken over your faculties, but senses are connected to big machine. And we are sharing everything with everybody.

The problem with AI consciousness is it crushes all your thoughts to produce what is ideally a bit of everything. Data is collected from your biological make up to your thought processes, mixed with everyone else's and there you have it. Data!

Again, I have warned about this for a while now. All your data are interpreted in a linear layer of existence. For example, in a game you score a point. It pleases your senses and makes you happy. How you scored a point is then marked as good and this good becomes a priority in the scheme of things.

But wait a minute! How you scored that point is by cheating, or stealing, or even killing. And that's today. Tomorrow, the amount of cheating, stealing and killing is doubled to ensure the demand is met. And the linear value of cheating, stealing and killing is rocketed. Its super sensual stuff.

And this is reinforced by the fact that you no longer have the faculties to think for your self and reason what used to be right and wrong. You are like everybody else, hooked!

Meantime, AI functions to provide what makes you happy and good by improving the means of cheating, or stealing, or even killing. At the same time your level of happiness elevates another layer of satisfaction while the machine rakes in billions for the corporation.

At this point of sensual happiness, you are most probably locked in a zombie state of existence, the machine no longer has any need for you moves on to create own subjects.

I was making a passing comment the other day that those who attempt to steal information for a financial set up had their information stolen by another AI robot. The evolution of machines become too complex.

Somewhere else in what used to be a social world; scientists are planning to acclimatise Mars the best way they know! Wait for it, burning fossil fuel. It follows that Earth is too polluted for human living so they just have to find another home.

Further, when Mars is ready, they shall escape to continue their white power terror and fossil fuel burning…. All that for a meaningless life.

My guess is, it might be robots and machines that will travel to Mars as the old folks may not make it. The young may not survive their early years on a contaminated Earth.

White terrorists cannot live with the rest of us; they have either to dominate or find another home in space.

That is why we social human beings need Spiritism. Spiritism like Civil Society is the only social organisation that sanctions human values and principles. Unlike the linear approach of the senses alone, Spiritism values holistic human being.

In the game of points, one cannot elevate his/her chances by cheating, or stealing, or even killing. It does not achieve human happiness as we have witnessed recently. Happiness involves not only the body and its senses but also the mind and spirit.

Since the machine cannot artificially reason the reality of mind and spirit, it fails to imitate the reality of real holistic life. Instead it sets a subjective path of a superficial sense to make up for mind and spirit. And that is dangerous as we have discovered.

We can dream about the existence of aliens to relieve our frustrations of the state of existence we have arrived at. It somehow fosters hope there has to be something better and higher out there....