1. You will receive an email with a link to 'scratch' boxes for 3 same objects


2. You will obviously scratch with the cursor and win 3 same objects


3. When the objects are revealed, it will automatically take you to another link to claim your Samsung Phone


4. The link will open a form for your details. Notice the already agreed tick on the conditions in fine prints at the bottom! It still doesnt say anything about a subscription...


5. The next form is for your Bank details. Since its only $2, it is easy to commit.


6. They will actually take the money from your account, but then they will let you know its not for a Phone but for a Subcription to a Bookchouch (name).

Further Email from BookCouch Scam. Notice while they dont show any names or contact address for their network, yet they are desperate to find out yours..

Sent: 11/12/2019 07:24:05

This is an automated confirmation, that we have received your message. Thank you for contacting support. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We try to reply to all messages within 48 hours on weekdays. This support is only in English, so to keep the support time low, please write us on English only.

Please read below, where we have answered the most common questions to support, which we hope can help you out in the meantime:

### Where is my welcome gift and why hasn’t it been sent? In most cases, it is because, you haven’t filled in your address on your profile and/or haven’t sent the required documentation to our support, which is written in the terms. Please notice that support doesn’t answer documentation tickets, as they should be sent separately. If you have any questions, please make a separate support request.

Notice how this is now your fault!!!

### You have withdrawn money from my account - Why?

When you signed up for one of our campaigns, it was clearly stated on both the front page and in the terms, that by doing so, you would enter a subscription with, starting with a trial period. If canceled within the trial period, only the trial membership fee will be charged and your subscription will be canceled, without obligations. If you mean you have unsubscribed within the Trial, then please send us the confirmation email you receive and we will investigate.

You were tricked by a scratch for phone game, and nothing about a subscription to their net until after they took your money. FRAUD

### How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership on - Login to your profile and click settings. On that page, you will find the unsubscribe button. After you click to unsubscribe, you will then receive an email, where you have to confirm that you accept the terms of unsubscribing and wish to cancel your membership. Please note you haven’t been unsubscribed, before you click the link in the confirmation email. You will also receive an email that confirms you have been unsubscribed.

### I can’t remember my password / I didn’t get my login details

No worries - Please go to and click “Log in”. Then click on “Forgot your username or password?”. Please fill in the email you signed up with and click “Send my details”. Within minutes your details will be in your inbox.

### I can’t log in

If you can’t log in to, it can be because you no longer have an active subscription to our site or you are using a wrong password (look above to get your password sent). If you have canceled your subscription or failed payment, that could be the reason why you can’t log in.

### I can’t remember what email I used

If you can’t remember what email you used when you signed up on one of our campaigns. Then please state your full name to support, together with the last 4 digits on your Debit/Credit-card that you used when you paid for the subscription. It could help even further if you can remember what date you signed up.

We hope the above FAQ helped you out. Our support team will reply to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Customer Support

Here's another scam that asks for money to join...


And another one that has the personal looks and feels real and secure...