If you were kind of in-active and can't do hard work, you are probably attracted to easy jobs. But then you come to realise that some easy jobs deteriorate your general health. So you decide to change your lifestyle to maintain your health and wellbeing. And at the bottom of this is feeling good at the end.

The good feelings tune your senses to types of activities that support your health and wellbeing. And your senses develop a preference for ideal types of such activities. And since these activities are not only healthy to yourself but also don't cause any harm to anyone else, then the practice is objective.

The objective practice involves fine tuning of senses to support health and wellbeing and the achievement of good feelings. Good feelings can be a recipe for resolving issues and problems, it could be a catalyst for motivation to succeed.

The above describes attraction. Senses and feelings support the achievement of health and wellbeing. The achievement in the end of the process is beauty. And attraction to beauty is an objective practice.

The final achievement of Beauty is seen or attracted by feelings and senses; the objective practice transcends the material aspect of beauty into being. So clearly, the material aspects of bodily features and material fashion are transcended into objective practise of health and wellbeing without harm.

You see, Beauty is not about feeling good about attractive bodily features and material fashion.

I have mentioned previously that profit without struggle is probably worthless and falls in nicely with the abstract money economy. But having a bit of a struggle adds value not only to culture, labour and the economic mode in place but also to the individual's health and wellbeing. This is social economic.

So if the economic mode is based on Beauty, the objective practice of work and earning your keep sustains a stable social organisation of society.

Inner beauty is supported by tools of feelings and senses and the objective practice transcends the material into being. This is the valid development of the organisation of citizen's participation inherent of their society. Individuals are free to fulfil their purpose in the organisation of their society.

Inherent organisation of beauty is an inner development output to the health and wellbeing of society. The collectivity of individual success is the achievement of the collective organisation.

And material scientists among economists don't know how to measure the success and failures of a Beauty Wellbeing economy, The GDP rate that is inflated by the few rich elites cannot measure the health and welfare of the majority of the population living under $2 a day.

Despite economic praises by IMF, the business sector is crying foul over economic slow-down and business growth. What can the government do if local products are unaffordable by local standards. Folks can't even afford a place to rent and yet the business man forever raises his hand for a handout. And how can a right wing party that has no social term in its language knows about social economy is nothing more than its usual period of spam.

We are not in this together when our world's resources are depleted just to fill the pockets of the few, at the same time the majority of the population struggle to make ends meet.

However, there is a subtle bridge of transcendence from the material into being. If you look in the mirror, what can you see? Now try and perceive the material aspects forming your 'self'. Your job is trying to transcend those material aspects away from the mirror until you no longer see your 'self' - material entity.

You are replacing bodily features and material fashion with quality of character such as healthy, hardworking, considerate, good feeling - social (objective) being.

In the beginning of this essay, I introduced the inner subject to the outer world. He/she has a purpose to aimed at outside of his'/her material desires.

So the secret to the subtle bridge of transcendence is coming out from inside of oneself to share a purpose, a quality or value with others. And the struggle aims to achieve a personal objective is at the same time a collective achievement.

This is it. A bird flying by is minding its own business until it saw and sensed a ripe pawpaw on the way. All of a sudden, the desire for the sweet taste and cool odour of the pawpaw overwhelmed the bird. It flew over to the pawpaw, poked at it before settling down to a meal.

That is a natural phenomenon. The bird likes ripe pawpaw and there's nothing to deny it from indulging its desire.

Now the bird had no plan to deny anyone from the share of the pawpaw, nor did it killed any other bird or put a barrier around the pawpaw. I'm not sure if birds have those ideas in their bird brains. But the whole thing is natural until human regulated the bird from eating pawpaw and saving it for himself. And the bird behaviour is never the same again.

Our desires and dreams of the material are corrupt by the way we are impoverished and regulated. We no longer have full control of our feelings and emotions. Instead, capitalists among businesses have control and we struggle and cop the social consequences.

Yes we now understand these things a bit more that we can try to help ourselves. While business try hard to place a ripe pawpaw in view, we can transcend the vision of the material and see objective qualities instead. We choose to see beauty after all.