The young generations have demonstrated that social objective development works best when individuals are free. Free individuals are not necessarily following their peers' examples, however subtle their (peers) influence is a major catalyst for change.

And so the power of influence follows that if peers were great artists, there is a good chance that subordinates would be great artists too.

However as we have witnessed in reality that peers do not lead much respect and care for the environment. So subordinates have immersed to do what is right. They are not influenced to follow their peers and continue polluting the environment, instead they rise to make an objective stand.

They are aspired to do what is right not only for their future but also for their whole world.

Their objective stand is not depended on influence or subjective emotional temperament, rather independent. And that is what intuition is all about. Something pure, harmless and right is inevitable.

What does this social phenomenon prove other than to suggest that humans naturally aspire to achieve great things in spite of negative influence surrounding them! Or does it prove what I always say that negative influence provides opportunities to shine. Then if so, why are there so many unhealthy and violent behaviours learned from the environment?

Well, the simple answer is because humans are not free and subjective developments are not stabled. And the elements have provided the opportunity for young people to rise above darkness to do what is right.

This social phenomenon has political oppositions in the name of the economy. But the real struggle is against tribal traditions for the right to dictate the terms of survival. And as it were, peers have shown that despite monstrous environmental disasters, they hold on tight to power.

This struggle may justify the modern rise a political movement but primarily, a natural temporal phenomenon. It is the mentality of time in a framework of the modern. I don't know how tribal tradition can comprehend the social consequences of a struggle against evolution when we have witnessed volatile changes in their attempts to hold on to power.

First, I must say that peers are more like con artists than genuine creators of great art. Second, emersion suggests appearance or reappearance before full development.

You see, the emersion of the moon behind earth cast a spectacular display of light before full appearance. I am saying that the first element of development is light. And light is an inherent element of creation.

Thus a common element of our social being is light. And this light makes up part of our holistic condition.

And this super phenomenon is better described by My Social Relations than by basic science. Basic material science is the ground level of reality; My Social Relations is the next.

To know and understand this natural phenomenon, one must have acquired super natural perception - the gift of light. Some people can see colours and light surrounding us, others don't. It is like seeing the aura of the big picture; the total sum of elements.

You see, the reality is liken to one element struggling against the total sum. It doesn't end well!

Now, when you connect all the elements of your perception including the senses, feelings, emotions and pure thoughts on a target, you can filter and interpret the output. You can see light surrounding the person. And this light draws you towards the target like an attraction.

However, before you are naturally drawn or attracted to the light, your feelings and senses would have undergone purification. It is objective; something pure, innocent, harmless and independent. It is freedom to do what is right.

This phenomenon is not the normal reflection of light and colour that can be seen by the naked eye. Rather, it is a super natural phenomenon that can be seen by the mind.

So we have a subjective reflection of abstract light that can be seen by the naked eye and we have a super objective reflection that can be seen by the mind.

And so the subjective refection is drawn towards shaded light of selfish ambitions usually associated with material desires; political, social, cultural and religious struggles. In this case, the aura projects not light but a shade of darkness.

Objective reflection is a projection of purity, harmlessness and independent or freedom. When feelings and senses are attuned to what is right; a pure harmless force immersed to become the power of development.

And so the gift of light is an inherent element of social development that we all share. We share a subjective refection of shaded light in our material desires and selfish ambitions, but we immersed in objective appearance of independent and freedom to do what is right.

Obviously, the subjective projection of shaded light can be a negative influence of harmful development where the objective light is a force for good. Now, we know the power of influence works well on subjective trends associated with material desires and selfish ambitions, but the power of positive light is independent and free to immerse in times of darkness.

The gift of light supersedes the power of influence. It reinforces the mind to overcome strong feelings and emotions or instincts.

Just as light shines in the dark, freedom, pure innocent and harmless can project a powerful force to contain the shaded light of the material.

The political struggle against evolution is a struggle between the old and new, a projection of pure light against the dark!