Positivity can result from experience of desirable qualities usually to one's own satisfaction. But what's desirable to one is not always to another. A definition of positivity therefore is sure to be relative in keeping with our diverse world of no right or wrong answers.

And knowing the progressive nature of positivity, positive developments are susceptible to destabilisation and stagnation. That is if AI really is autonomous!

Considering that scientific facts depend on popular opinions also known as statistics, a definition variates according to location. But this in our open boundary region, what's prohibited over here may be freely permissible over there. It is lacking universal endorsement for stability.

The point is, if AI is collecting data to structure developments for us humans, it is likely to come to a static state of affairs. Well the positive (+) over here plus the negative (-) over there counters its practical calculation and its usefulness; (0).

That is where accountants and economists usually become dark creators in making something out of nothing to benefit the manufacturer at your expense while details are hidden behind AI technical terms. That means there's no justification for developments, moral or scientific. Everything goes!

When there are no offshoots. artificial developments are forced on the branch. And these laboratory growths are fostered to deviate from nature. But the consequences are irreversible.

The latest relative argument in favour of Vaping is supposed to be an alternative to help addicts quit. And this secondary aspect is elevated to supersede direct unhealthy consequences. It is promoted in the face of asthma and respiratory epidemics in New Zealand. How can you quit smoking by promoting smoking is somewhat gobblygosh!

Now, I have said it before and here it is again. Replace the positivism aspect of AI with Objectivism and we resolve the problem of relativity. This will stabilise AI processes as Objectivism is independent of personal whims or desirable qualities.

The object in itself is in a state of completeness in time and place. It is where positivity is not personal or relative but factual qualities of character. It doesn't matter therefore whether the objective is over here of there, the definition remains resolute.

So, if an AI program is built in our human system and this system is based on Objectivism, its autonomous nature provides an endless supply of practical resources. It doesn't depend on economic whims or material subjective aspects.

It is the natural function of the conscience. It is not about positive personal desires, but taking objective or practical steps to improve overall circumstances.

However, AI takes the positive approach to satisfy ones desires. And this is a material device aimed to replace your human conscience.

There is no doubt that some folks have already lost their soul to material desires where AI serves to maintain the material world.

That is the populous approach to resolve social and moral issues. Resolution to these problems is therefore determined by popular and political opinions in conformation to relative standards.

There are tangible evidence of uncertainties under this AI material model:

It is certainly a volatile world where local citizens are caught up in destructive waves of unrest and disestablishment.

On the social side of material reality, AI and its technological proliferates of innovation indulge in creation of abstract perspectives of the material world. All these subjective material developments aim at overwhelming qualities of your natural being.

Your feelings and senses take over the mental filter forcing the conscience inside out. That means your soul is out in the open. Everything you do is recorded to predict and target material production.

Led by feelings and senses, Return of the Zombies is where humans are subdued and animated by abstract developments. Well not exactly but the heightening of feelings and senses at the same time overwhelms mental mode of thinking descends human being to the level of the material entity.

Reality is not only relative but also populous in a subjective existence. I think they called it Augmented; the rise of the machine is at the same time, the fall of human being.

Descending another step of the spiral is so far an inside out transformation; the internal function of the mind is now replaced by the role of feelings and senses. Our subjective material desires are promoted as our hearts and minds are wrapped up in material devices.

There are foreseeable social consequences requiring serious consideration but one obvious is mental function. When feelings and senses take over in the external, the mind is likely to either change its internal role or subdued. And mental issues become synonymous with technological development of the future. Now, the real problem in our open populous world is escalation of mental health issues.