While we are naturally different in physical, social and spiritual characters; we are nonetheless human. And humans are united by shared values of their collective being. However our social organisation is formed upon the consequences of material development.

This material development is organised by science. There is nothing wrong with the logic. It is a tool that helped produce and accumulate profit. But the material logic continues to exploit humanity and strip resources as accumulation of profit becomes the end in itself. We now know the end in itself is a dead end.

Meantime, the vehicle industry has made dealers a nice profit, it continues to import vehicles. The industry became very successful, many vehicles are now clogging up roads. Of course, authorities continue to build roads to ease congestion. But the density of traffic and the number of road works in places combine to increase the rate of congestion to a point of stand still. At the same time, fossil fuel emissions add to the cause of Climate Change.

That is the logic of material science. The economy is based on material science to exploit humanity and strip resources for profit while fuelling the cause of Climate Change. Human, plants, animals, fish, water and everything is exploited for a profit. The cause of nature is genetically engineered and modified for the sake of profit.

That's not all! The material logic is established in AI mode and installed in computers and robots to continue the cause of exploitation. At the same time, Climate Change accelerated by human contribution speeds up the rate of exploitation and in turn extinction and depletion.

Science however has a social and mental attributes. In the absence of these qualities, the logic of the material unit by itself remains subjective. A subjective entity including AI material logic do not accommodate the whole of human being. Instead it generates social consequences such as Inequality, Poverty, status stratification, mental illness, violence and crime.

In order to correct the logic, material science has to transcend to be on the same plane with human beings.

There are three volatile trends heading to clash towards the end; one, material exploitation of resources and humanity for profit; two, Climate Change accelerated by human and economic contribution and thirdly; the social consequences of both of the above.

Each trend is a chain reaction building up towards a super reaction. But a chain reaction might be caught in a vicious cycle of political decisions when their leaders take sides on the economy and its social structure. We know from the fate of Angela Merkel's humanity endeavour that had prompt the rise of right wing supporters in fear of immigrants and refugees.

At the same time, increase bush fires and flooding accelerate the toll on refugee. So if xenophobic governments take office, it would immediately raise the possibility of the refugee human crisis to extreme levels. Collateral damage is when those who contribute nothing or very little to Climate Change are the worse hit of social consequences.

The political struggle is likely to benefit some at the consequence such as a likely development of world famine. Knowing the capitalists among the right wing tribal tradition; drought, bush fires and flooding are likely means for economic opportunism. But who can afford opportunistic prices make homelessness a favourite alternative.

Since more people are likely to commit crimes for the sake of survival, would the police be able to keep up? The state might not be able to sustain a prison population so is criminal transportation a future possibility? But anarchy and chaos are certain developments to illustrate the lack of order.

That is why New Zealand has to continue its humanitarian endeavour and influence the world to unite in the spirit of human struggle. But it risks anti refugees anti-immigration sentiments building up to the 2020 Election.

Up to now, New Zealand has been enjoying economic relations of its environment and humanitarian image in the world. It can move to the right and join up with Trump and Boris with a possible FTA. But it loses its sovereign will as it basically follow what US and UK dictate like a poodle.

However, right wing capitalists are typical of opportunism and victims of Climate Change among refugees become ideal targets for warmongers. Invasion and war are right wing economic means. And this adds a possible fourth volatile trend to a super clash towards the end.

I don't think the EU is willing to complete the FTA offer with New Zealand without being a partner to universal agreements as proposed by the UN.

Considering that refugees are innocent people victimised by political and environmental circumstances usually stemming from Western propaganda and contamination, there will be followers of ethical standards. And this stand is currently held by the young vote in protection of their future.

So without media influence and manipulation of the 2020 Election, it would be an interesting contest between xenophobic followers against the younger generation in favour of Climate Change.

On the one hand, ethical standards and humanity unite in values to give rise to Hope; and on the other hand, material development and war unite to give rise to Doom. What is it going to be?

Despite our difference, we are all in this. We have to transcend the material of our humanity into collective being. It is where Equality transcends the material of our difference to universal values that unite us on the cause for survival.