The Apocalypse is the most vulnerable state of social affairs where the environment seems to transform humans into entities of the dark. It's fair to say therefore that the environment is fraught with cultural, political and religious aspects of Climate Change.

In the material sense, the glass wall of the greenhouse is made up of chemicals such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide etc.. This glass wall locks heat from the sun within the environment. During warm and drought periods, the environment is heated to extreme vulnerability providing the element of fuel ready to ignite. Whether fire is caused by lightning or by human carelessness, the environment becomes a time bomb ready to explode.

It's a natural phenomenon accelerated by human contribution.

Parallel to the burning inferno, our social environment is divided by a political spectrum. Those on the right of the political spectrum are capitalists among economists and right wing conservatives who generate economic production from exploitation of the environment. They among high-end consumers make up the bulk of human contribution to Climate Change. However, these folks deny any links between bushfires and Climate Change.

Those on the left are workers and their families among low-end consumers who are paid to carry out economic productions. And in here we find the economy in the centre of environmental debate.

It follows that those on the right of the political spectrum strategically deploy the economy to control and rule over the workers and their families. They argue that the workers depend upon the economy to sustain the means of their survival. The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that comes and goes; like the ice age and the flood, the burning will also disappear in time.

The workers and their families among the sick and poor on the left side of the political spectrum argue that the economy has and continues to exploit and overuse world resources to extinction. If workers depend on the economy and the economy depend upon the environment, destruction of the environment is a chain reaction to the end.

While heated debate of survival is shaded by burning bushes, Mr. Trump is rallying up a case for war obviously in support of his campaign for re-election. However he presents a crucial point of concerns to the right wing argument.

Conservatives, capitalists, economists and landlords organise their ownership of wealth and resources of the world as a means for power ruling over the workers and their families. And from the extreme right wing perspective, the right to rule is war, environmental pollution or not!

The question is, has the state of vulnerability turned some so-called leaders into lunacy seems appropriate for the time. And if anything is left from the onslaught of fossil fuel is sure to be killed off by uranium and toxic chemicals of war. No one left, only bugs!

At the same time in the last few decades, the Middle East had been entrapped in a psycho social platform for promoting and launching US nationalistic interests. During such time we have not only witnessed invasion of communities among children and women, but also how easy it is to target anyone with opposing views to the right wing regime.

It's eerie scary to know how easy for anyone to be targeted from a distance. Shall we be silenced over fear of being a walking target? One thing is for sure, freedom of speech is curtailed even against a dictator.

I was saying that AI technology may contribute to the cause for humanity as a means to an end, not the determinant of the end itself. That may be said for most things but if you allow AI logic to develop and take over your brain in time just like the material development that has taken over reason, any chance for change is only delaying the ultimate.

Knowing that we are destined to doom under the current state of affairs, what then is keeping us from total destruction?

The state of lunacy in desperation may lead to such panic developments as mass euthanasia and the outbreak of mental illness, extreme violence, crime and suicide. For time and again, we have witnessed human behaviour at the extreme of total darkness on both sides of the political spectrum.

And the right to rule is paramount in the face of burning the world and our humanity.

Waking up after the apocalypse and slowly coming to realise that nothing has changed; it's the same old rulers in the same old material fashion of suffering, Poverty, violence and crime; do you really want to wake up?

Religion offers nothing than the stigma of repetitious bashing. The written word itself cannot jump out of print to transcend the material into being.

In a world of the void, Trust; Faith and Hope are abstract elements or pure principles of Belief. Yes, this was the case before the Burning; God never came to the rescue because belief was devoted to Culture and to Capitalism. And as a result, man a total material failed to transcend, ends here.

At the same time, true religion is independent of culture and capitalism. The transitional period is a little while after the Burning when the seeds of Belief shall spring Trust, Faith and Hope into being. And believers wake up not the same old material but transformed persons into being.

It's the pure energy driving us to continue in the lunatic face of destruction.