Can you observe what is happening with you while its happening takes an out of body experience, but the cliché is a mystical experience in astral travel!

When I realised I was scammed, I notified my bank and a scam agency to save me from being robbed online. But as I discovered, neither the bank nor the scam agency can prevent the online crime. However, they might be able to do something about it after the robbery and assuming the robber is still waiting to be caught.

They cannot prevent your account from scams and cyber robbers, they cannot prevent cybercrimes. In fact, it sounds like these bankers and their agencies encourage cyber criminals to help themselves with your hard earned money.

Do bankers and scam agencies know who the real cyber criminals are? We know they are not stupid and they know their way around the internet and into your bank account.

Is the business private sector trying to normalise cybercrime an economic aspect for profit? If they cannot generate profit from your saving, why not steal it? And now you know, neither the bank nor the scam agency can do anything about it. The cyber crim gets away with it scot free not once but whenever.

We, or for some of us know and understand that he/she who commits the crime is responsible for the consequences including repairing of what was stolen or loss. But now it appears that we, the victims are responsible for being robbed. And this is because we haven't upgraded our operating system or bought a security software, or antivirus and spam software that prevent all these business wares from invading our privacy.

It is now up to the consumer and target victim to buy up all these software and even so still subject to cyberattack. Does the bank or software company have its own cybercriminal branch to promote own business?

And this is the clue to the cybercrime scam. Promotion is the application of cybercriminal software to scam the targeted consumer. When the target is scammed, he/she will have to buy new software including operating system, new security, new account and cards in the upgrade of his/her account.

And the company's cybercrime branch or promotion has earned the company a few more dollars for nothing. I would really like an independent if any agency to research Internet victims of crimes in relation to banks and software companies.

It is likely that the targeted population is among the old; the young and speakers of English as a second language. Also those who won't take their complaints further because they can't afford it.

Now, the key to prevention is your responsibility. Business will not prevent criminals from committing a crime, but they will take you to court if you don't pay up for the consequences. Obviously they cannot prosecute their own partners!

And this is where it matters. It's easier to scam you on the Internet because your full attention is occupied by a side show while you are partially conscious to a form you're agreeing to at the same time. Before you know it, you have signed away hundreds of dollars that your bank or the scam agency cannot stop.

So, open your eyes and either quit Internet for good and throw away that computer or become a smart consumer. You have to listen and focus on what's happening while it's happening.

If you can survive the heightening of your senses to overwhelm your mind on the Internet, you might think that's it. But wait a minute!

We are familiar with repetitious bombardment of colours and sounds appealing to emotions that convinced us to buy these material things.

Promotions of the economy now is subtle and vague to the normal consumer. For example; the media involves professionals to draw positive spins and endorse economic behaviour to reward consumers for buying various products, although those products are not necessarily good for your health.

The unethical professional endorsement is inflated by deliberate misrepresentation of documents and statistics to convince the ordinary consumer. So, if a familiar scientist or leader is endorsing a product, you might buy it because of endorsed influence, but not because of the quality of the product itself.

Does it matter now that our bank balance, health and wellbeing depends on influence of the people we follow?

We have witnessed the heartache of those folks who have scammed off hundreds of dollars of their life savings. Yet your bank cannot help you. At the same time the law would force you to make good of the consequences. Businesses among professionals are only too happy to make a dollar off you.

The economy is development and accumulation of the material. If this accumulation is weighing down your heart and there is no professional to help you out, you know you have to learn to be smart.

A smart consumer is healthy and may not be a targeted victim. If you are doing your bit to save the world, you are likely to buy products that are good for the environment. It is unlikely for manufacturers of such products to scam you although there may be a few copy cats around.

With that in mind, I mean with mind controlling your shopping, you are buying for your needs such as health, wealth and wellbeing. You are not likely to be overwhelmed by the heartaches of scams and deceptions in colours and sounds of the isle as you are conscious of your way to success.